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Does this work? I sure hope so because I've spent the better part of the morningloading it and unloading's there and then it's not! Just say a quick prayer before u type! Thanks!!

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Okay this is it (I hope!) after a flurry of activity I may have resolved my comment issue and this one has a HUGE comment button! Can't miss it! No way to avoid that!)

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Hey.....I think I fixed it!!!! Whadayaknow....maybe I'm not BrainDead!

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LOL....i LOVE YOUR POST ON WEIGHT GAIN....I know exactly what you mean...i was NEVER chubby uinless I was pregnant....and now I look likw I'm walking around with a floaty device around my middle!!! My son is gaining weight as well, being a growing teenager taking meds too (olanzapine) and we just recently had to reinvent both of our wardrobes ....just before the tune of over $300.00!!! and that was just some basics. I hardly leave the house but now that I've gone from a consistent size 10 to a hefty 16 I don't thiunk people will recognize me. All I need is a large trench coat....big sunglasses and a large head scarf!!!!! Thanks for your supportive comment. Do you have any sisters? I'm currently fighting with mine and my eldest son is worried about the seating plan for Christmas dinner...I've suggested that Angela could have her own private table in the garage...and of course.....leave the car running and the door down!!!!! What do you think???

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fantastic pic!!!!! Love it!!!!!
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It's not unusual to withdraw from therapy after a years treatment. I went (the second time) for a year until my psychiatrist left to do other work and I was denied access for further therapy because I was told that there were others who were on waiting lists having had no therapy, and I had 1 yeras worth of time to learn tools to function. We hadn't figured out the bipolar stuff then so I just went ahead on my own until my next crash!!!! Once my diagnosis was figured out and my meds accordingly I was set up with an outpatient nurse who I see regularly and have been for 3 years now. She is awesome and also my quick in for psychiatric help whenever I'm in Canada so psychiatry is free but we lack the facilities to keep up with demand but maybe that might be an option for you...u think ...
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Thanks soooo much BED...I here ya sister ...have been in the pit myself lately...well not the suicidal I have a plan pit...but the crying all the time...what has my life meant? what's the point kind of pit. I HATE IT...there is never enough kleenex in the world!! As for you and your minimally marred car :)....a car is just that...a means of transportation..not a fashion/beauty the grand scheme of things it's nothing...and your work....well I think that someone as creative as yourself needs to start submitting articles and maybe short stories and putting them out into the universe so that some smart editor out there can find your stuff...and make a Diablo Cody out of you. God Bless and Thanks again for the's the best thing to happen to me all week.
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I've never been hospitalized and I'm so glad....I worked in a couple of Psych wards and I could never imagine being able to "get a rest as they called it, when all hell was breaking loose!! You're very brave and if u can survive that then you are possibly stronger than you give yourself credit for!!
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Thanks for stopping by my blog 2 Doggie! I know what u mean re the small village etiquette. I walk my dogs at night or out in the bush behind my house, that way I rarely run into people, and coyotes are scared of crazy peple too so I'm safe!! The 2 worst questions in the world r ....How r u? (especially stupid at a doctors offiice) and what do u do? (take pills and talk to myself!!!...but that answer just freaks folks out so I resist the temptation while sucking up the drool in the corner of my mouth and grabbing my leg to stop it from bouncing off the floor!!!!!!!)just kidding. Hang in there ur site...keep writing.
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