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Congrats on quitting your job. I did the same thing last year and it was the best decision I ever made. I love being self employed and working from home!

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I love making pancakes from scratch and IMO they're so much better! I use cottage cheese in mine, but with oatmeal instead of flour. Egg whites, vanilla extract, cinnamon. Mmm! So yummy.

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Yeah Oklahoma is a pretty cheap state and decent to raise a baby in! There are some expensive "luxury" apartments that'll cost you about $700-1k for a one bedroom, but most regular apartments are about $450-500 for one. $600-700 for a 2 bedroom.

It would be hella cool if you were able to be my neighbor!

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I really hope it's not so bad! I was nearly 10 lbs when I was born and my mom has always told me how horrible it was, how she ripped and lost a lot of blood.

I pray to God the same thing doesn't happen to me with my son! But, fearfully, I'm almost betting that (TMI) if it rips easily during sex that there's no way it's going to survive a child lol

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I hope that's all it is! Hormones. At first these dreams didn't bother me. They were disturbing, but I'd get over it.

I guess I just realized how much unwarranted hatred he has for me that he probably wish I were dead right now. Once I started back having these dreams I think about ll of the times he threatened that I would never see the baby again to get his way. I think about how crazy he can be and how his drugs will probably make him do anything some day. That's when I get concerned.

But hopefully it's not to happen.

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That's how my BD was and obviously still is. He has gone back and forth between being ecstatic about the baby and then doubting me screaming "IT AINT MINE!"

It's like seriously. Do you not remember that you were the one pressuring me for condomless sex? That you were begging to make a baby? That you DID do what you men have to do to get a woman pregnant? Not once, but multiple times! Then you're shocked that I got pregnant and can't believe it?

Grow up!

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I know! On one hand it kind seems like forever, on the other hand it seems quick. But I just need my little one in my arms.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying!

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Thank you very much!

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I agree!

Kids who never grew up, kids who may never grow up.