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I disagree. Stop the shoplifter if it can be accomplished without endangering the employee or the suspect. If the situation gets violent, back away. The liability is too great.

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Why would you hire a guy who put his previous employer at risk in such a foolish manner? He is obviously overzealous

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Not a bright move on the part of the employee. Big deal, they got the meat back. They can't resell it. Odds are the thief had the meat stashed in his pants or under his shirt, who would want to eat it now?
The employee got injured on the job. Paperwork, insurance costs, medical treatment, etc... Probably cost the company 10-20 time the value of the meat when all he had to do was write down the license plate number and discription of the suspect. This is a case where the employee should be fired. The liability to Martins is tremendous. What if the employee had fallen off the car and been hit by another? or been seriously injured? Martins would be in for a world of excrement.

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It's amazing how cowardly some people are when they resort to attacking dead people because they can't fight back!

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Oh ya, because we know that ALL SUV drivers are dangerous! Nothing like the 2 SBPD cars that flew through the intersection of Douglas and 933 this morning at about 75 mph, no lights no sirens. Hmmmmm

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I hope there are plenty of people there in support of this legislation! The law does nothing but allow Arizona authorities to enforce what equates to the existing Federal Law!

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If the HOF were in a better location it might have received more support from the surrounding communities. Its current location made it so very Inconvenient that the negatives far outweighed the positives as far as actually visiting it. I haven't been there and have no plans to do so in the future with the current parking situation in that area.
With so many locations available large enough to provide adequate parking, why did they chose such a poor location in the first place?

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OMG, it's getting more and more difficult to feel sorry for people who fall victims to scams like this. Several times per month the media warns people to be on the lookout for this or that. PAY ATTENTION
By the way, I work for Santa Clause at the North Pole. Several years ago he gave you a diamond ring or necklace (the paperwork was destroyed when the glacier melted down). Santa sent me here to check the brilliance of the diamonds. If they're not up to par I'm supposed to take them back to Santa's workshop for cleaning and refitting. You'll have them back by noon tomorrow.

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"Verbal tormenting and teasing is one thing"? Yes, it is Capt. Trent. It's called "BULLYING" and as much as it's been in the news recently with the suicide of Phoebe Prince in Chicopee Mass, one would think as a Police Officer you would take it a bit more seriously.
It's very unfortunate when a Captain with the South Bend Police Dept. takes such a nonchalant position on an issue that has been taken very seriously in other states.
Is the SBPD waiting for a student to get seriously hurt or killed or commit suicide before they do something about this problem? If so, Its time for the Mayor to reevaluate the department!

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Well Dan, you thought wrong. A Sedan is a vehicle with 2 rows of seats. The name has nothing to do with the number of doors. A Coupe on the other hand is commonly a 2 door vehicle with a standard number of front seats and seating for occasional passengers in the rear.
As for a better description, it's highly possible that is the only information available. Most victims of robberies don't notice things like eye lids and hands. Being as the suspects were wearing masks it's doubtful that the victim noticed their race or other characteristics. The victim was most likely just worried about staying alive.