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The article says " viewed as inhumane and unsustainable by animal rights and environmental groups...", so the author is simply referencing reports by others. Furthermore, the definition of inhumane is "Without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel
'confining wild horses is inhumane' " (
This is a topic that has gained worldwide attention, this article is far from being "over the top".

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Sorry, but no:

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Sorry to break the bad news, but according to Wikipedia:
"The term octopus, pronounced /ˈɒktəpʊs/, is from Greek ὀκτάπους
(oktapous), "eight-footed", with plural forms: octopuses /ˈɒktəpʊsɪz/,
octopi /ˈɒktəpaɪ/, or octopodes /ɒkˈtɒpədiːz/. Currently, octopuses is
the most common form in both the US and the UK; octopodes is rare, and
octopi is often objectionable."

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I used to agree with you 100% on this concept, but I've been seeing a few places "outsource" their social media to people who are divers rather successfully. As long as the social media person has a clue about SCUBA and is fed enough information (trips, classes, blog posts) or is willing/able to do their own research, I think an outsourced social media person can be very effective for a dive center that doesn't want to assign or hire someone internally.

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Yeah, very good point. Once a site has some content and is generating some traffic, looking through your chosen analytics program is a great tool. By "unexpected", are they still somewhat related? I've seen some really odd ones before that I personally wouldn't spend any extra time optimizing for.

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For a dive shop, I would suggest the following words be prioritized:
snorkel (snorkeling isn't as necessary because it has "snorkel" in it already)

Add to that list your geographic area (city, state) plus anything you may specialize in (Jack's Diving Locker in Kona is popular for manta dives, so I'd include "manta" as a keyword).

Independent instructors probably won't want to focus on the equipment side as heavily and some don't organize their own trips, so the primary emphasis will typically be on the training side.

A good starting place for finding key word ideas is the Google Keyword Research Tool ( The problem is for long tail search in our niche, there isn't a lot of data. So think like your potential customer.

If you want to teach SCUBA classes in Eugene Oregon, I would target phrases like "scuba diving certification/class/training Eugene Oregon". Although people may omit part like the "diving" in that search query, you have all the other parts so you should still rank.

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Yes, I got the DEMA survey. It was pretty long, but if they act on the questions, I don't mind. They're a big ship, it can sometimes take a while to change course.

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I have a hard time encouraging solo diving, but I completely relate to what you're saying, but at an even more neurotic level. The only real dive buddies I like are people I have instructed with. We know how each other dive incredibly well, we're confident in each others abilities and we don't have to really worry about each other. We still follow safe diving guidelines, but never even run into emergencies.

If I can't dive with an instructor, I try to avoid diving with someone below rescue because I feel like I'm now the instructor/guide, not actually just a diver.

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It sounds like you and I have had similar experiences regarding co-teaching, "enhanced" standards and a pro-advancement mentality. I may have to do some research to see what this philosophy has on the long term success of an LDS.

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Will do, let me know if there's anything I can do to help!