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I don't know what to say. I am all for having babies as long as you can support them, the nore the merrier. But ONLY if you can afford them. At least he is trying to earn some money for his daughter I guess. The products look pretty cool though, except carrying eight babies at once, seriously who could do that!

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I have used mostly ARCO for almost 20 years also. I have NEVER had a problem. People assume because it is cheaper that it is worse, but it's not. It is true, the only difference is the additives.. Do you want Teflon or V-power..

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It is four blocks south... lots of kids walk past there to get to school

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This is going to sound terrible, but I would prefer this to be a murder suicide and not a true double. We live two blocks away from here and like many of us my kid walks that road to school everyday. I am also praying for their child(ren). Though it has not been stated I would assume due to the time line that their child came home from school and found this.

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Yes, frequently there are ridiculous comments left here at KOMO and I very rarely leave comments because of this; that being said mine was not one of them. But trying to stay on subject, just because we use to do things back when, doesn't mean they should be done now. I use to stay home by myself when I was less then 10. I wouldn't dream of having any of my children do that now nor would I leave my house unlocked like back when. Finally, as posted below: this happen just a few blocks south of an elementary school (and my house) The school has a huge hill that would have allowed the children to safely play and not have some parent (or other person over the age of 16) hating him/herself right now!

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Thank you - I am glad someone agrees with me about the driver.
I would like to point out that this is just a few blocks south of Soos
Creek Elementary which has a very large hill area that the children
could have safely sled down.

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Who the He!! thought it would be ok to do this... EVERY SINGLE YEAR we hear reports about children getting hurt or killed because some Idiot thought it would be a good idea. I hope the prosecute the idiot responsible for Child Endangerment, or assaut or something or whatever they can to throw the book at them!

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Congratulations - You are an Angel!!! I think we should all try to do something this winter, no matter how little or big!

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My youngest son died in 1995 from SIDS when he was 4 months old. At the time there wasn't a lot out about SIDS and there were approx 6500 deahts a year reported. Since the"back to Sleep' campaing that start in the mid 90's there has been over a 50% drop in SIDS deaths. I can't wait till they can find out the what causes it.

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LMAO - I totally agree - seriously, Casualty????