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good work in telling about the wonder relationship between Canada and Israel. Two highly civilized countries that do not put up with your kind of crap.

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Speaking to David Swindle:
I'd like to bring up a point to the debate (and other social culture debates) that I haven't seen addressed. That is: why do those arguing against legalization of marijuana (not while driving) and abortion (of pregnancies that are early term, rape & incest victims, & medical reasons) act so high and mighty? I sense such a 'holier than thou' and condescending posture! So much judgment, so much attitude, - just so much lording over people. As if they are immune to the human conditions that create the situations that bring on these debates.

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Then why don't you look up the meaning of Holocaust.

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Actually I am not reading any of it.

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I am not here to debate you Calvin. Go to your room!

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Don't you have anything else to talk about? Why don't you do a book report, or show us what you are learning in school?

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I appreciated this article and would like to read more of your work.
Are you on twitter? I am @nlitvin

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Thank you very much for this post, David. I felt like the debate was getting out of control, but you have shown that you truly are the editor of NewsRealBlog. This train felt like it was going to derail, but in this intelligent post, you have saved the day. Bravo!

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I think you may be speaking from a purely personal experience. Were you raped?

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This will be my last reply to you because your arguments are hysterical. Even if you aren't violent, you are fanning the flames, inciting those that may be on the edge. There is more at stake here than whether someone is for or against the issue. There is the rule of law. This misogynistic thinking imitates Sharia law. This is America.