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I would love to own a master sword built this professionally. It'd probably be really expensive though! D:

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I don't think its meant to be Medli's beak. They have a lot of generic animal accessories like that. But, you could make a cool pattern to go with it and make yourself look like Medli if you wanted! I actually have done that in the past. :)

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I fell just short of getting platinum. This makes me weep a little as I was really wanting more posters for my room. I will have to settle for Link's Awakening DX though. All I had was an illegal rom before so I'm to be able to own a legitimate copy of the game now.

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I definitely want to get a copy whenever I get a Wii U, but I'm still looking to wait a while before I buy it..

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Haha. This makes me even more eager to see what the Zelda team comes up with next. I completely understand what Aonuma is feeling. Let's hope he's able to solve the problem. :)

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I wish I could have made that find!

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The second video is really great! The animation is very smooth and the action was enjoyable. A+

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There is an asian market close to where I live. I've been there a couple of times, but the next time I will have to keep my eyes peeled for these little gems! They look tasty.

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This was brilliant. I'm so so so happy you guys got to interview such an amazing guy. What an experience. :)

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Zelda as a central and playable character would be nice. We only got a very small taste of that with Spirit Tracks. I wish it had been more than that.