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I have two issues that really need fixing.

1) Long comments don't work. It specially bad in my website since its using Unicode. In IE comments cant be longer than 2 lines! In chrome and Firefox its about 4-5 lines. Comments are what made the website popular, and thats why I moved to ID. Comment quality has been severely hit since I moved to ID. It's been a long time since you said you were working on this. Should I uninstall ID or it's coming soon? Please address this.

2) Comment paging needs to be an option I can control. I have 4-5 pages of comments. Users are hating the paging. I want to remove it, or increase the number of comments per page.

If these two were fixed, all I would have to say for ID would be love songs!

But please, address this ASAP.

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Seems to be working.

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