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Just stopping by to thank you for hosting me, Alanna. I'm out of state but will be returning to NM within the month. Thankx for being such a great, informative host!
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Courtney, thankx so much for your comments. I understand needing to keep your paycheck. We all need that. But I do hope they've invested in an editor since I wrote this post. So glad you stopped by.

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I guess they have their reasons. Thankx for your insights, Hamid. And for taking the time to comment. You may be right about their combating something.

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Wow, Shawn. I'm so glad they backed off. But do you think to boycott Amazon is kind of like cutting off our nose to spite...?

I'd never be a multiple category bestseller for two books, both self-published, if I didn't make use of the numerous advantages Amazon offers us for free. Their system drills down deeply into intense marketing all their books if authors just take advantage of it.

I know they can be like an obnoxious giant child, but I doubt I'd ever take my books off because I'd lose all the other promotional advantages that no other site otters. But, as they say: never say never. We all have our boiling point and I know Amazon can bring us to a boil!!!

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Hi K.M.

I've not had an unsatisfactory experience with Amazon either until this time. In fact, as i mentioned in the post, Amazon is an ingenious setup that goes so far beyond just a place to sell our books retail that it's beyond our imaginings.

Over the past few years I've been learning the "secrets," and they offer so many free aspects to promoting our books to tightly targeted groups that we can't find opportunities like these anywhere else I've found.

ANd they make it so easy to become in bestseller in several categories in both their Kindle and Amazon print bookstores that my last two books are mulitiple Amazon bestseller, and I'm just an average Joe writer. (you can find links to my Working Amazon series here: )

In my experience there is no company out there doing so much for authors, and all for free. Yet there is a down side to them and that's customer service. Does anyone have any ideas how we might get that across to them?

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I agree they should care more when we report a mistake has been made. They treat us as if we are lying when something has been deleted at their own mistake and they hide behind, "That's not our policy. We would never do that." But you can tell them, yes you did that, untill blue in the face and they won't correct their mistakes or admit to them.

In this case they claimed the deleted reviews must have been abusuve though they were assured none were. And then you report a true abusive report and they ignore you.

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Yes, I've heard they are strict about us promoting our own books. I've know authors who have had their "LISTS" deleted too for the same reason.

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Guest, thankx for your input. Could you share a little more detail? Are these reviews you wrote of others, or all the reviews others wrote on your product\'s page? Did you get any answers as to to why? Were you allowed to put them back? etc.?

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Hi Wendy. I\'m so glad you enjoyed the post. Thankx for taking the time to comment.

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Howdy Padmavani. So happy to hear you enjoyed our talk.

Only one of you have taken me up on the free offer. I want to remind everyone that I'm offering a free copy of the vital report, Working Amazon: The Secrets of Amazon Tags & How to Get the Most Out of Them.

Instructions at the end of the interview as to how to claim yours.

Have the best day ever!