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my dog ego


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12 years ago @ Crasstalk - GOP Takes Aim at Ad Fe... · 1 reply · +8 points

I thought the ad was good. Then again, I'm a team kinda guy and an optimist. I didn't sense a Democratic ad in it, but that may be because I am capable of critical thinking and don't see plots everywhere.

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Faced with losing a $28M payout, Peyton Manning seeks alternative physical therapy for his neck and shoulder.

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Olives are the food equivalent of land mines. They should be banned by the U.N.

12 years ago @ Crasstalk - The Hollywood Caller: ... · 0 replies · +4 points

I actually sort of like Cougartown. It reminds me a bit of my tight circle friends. Well, the wine drinking and saying stuff that would be considered awful it it came from others but when it comes from one of us it's hilarious.

I don't know, maybe I'm just taking comfort in seeing people like me on teevee: winos who think they are funny.

12 years ago @ Crasstalk - Financial Blogger to J... · 1 reply · +3 points

This is an excellently written article that I wish Republicans and wealthy douchebags would read so that they may begin to understand what people really feel.

12 years ago @ Crasstalk - You Should Be Watching... · 4 replies · +2 points

I cancelled Starz after the end of Spartacus and went back to HBO. I couldn't picture Fraiser as a bad guy, but I may have to rethink that after reading this. Thanks!

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I've given up watching the show (though it's still being DVR'd). The recaps are much, much more entertaining.

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Man I hope you're right. If not, we need to get you appointed head writer, because the suckitude of the show this season has been awful.

12 years ago @ Crasstalk - Sure, She's a Homophob... · 0 replies · +2 points

It's becoming a cliche, but this is another reason not to have Facebook. Remember when you used to go out with friends and have lively discussions over pitchers of beer? (Maybe that was just me and my friends) but we'd take turns being devil's advocates just to get on each other's nerves. The thing is, we knew exactly who our audience was and they knew if we were being contrarian or not.

If you "broadcast" it on Facebook, you should consider that you've broadcast it on the local news. I have no sympathy for her.

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Go Cocks!

We finally have a quarterback!