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In the USA, Ebook is only a FORMAT which is more appropriate for older age children and adults who are literate; have been technology trained and have that fluency; have access to the downloadng wireless networks; don't have vision challenges, or hardware accessibility challenges; accept the (current) inability to make a hard copy of the material and the limit of materials available; and the potential loss of notes made on study materials should the vendor decide to retract the download.

I perceive the biggest immediate contribution for the Ebook FORMAT is to replace the heavy, back-breaking public school textbooks that require regular updating (new editions) and the costs associated to our public taxpayers. These costs, or monies, that can be better allocated to services supporting the success of our English Language Learners. Services that are currently being paid from the normal, non-weighted allocation per child---the impact of which has diminished our public school education to minimal focuses on mathematics and english language arts without enrichments of Librarians, Computer Lab Teachers, Visual Arts, Music, Band, P.E., Organized team sports, and Fieldtrips.

Melissa V. Rentchler