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Voytec - Thanks for your...spirited comments on my post. You are right - there were 32 years of collective experience between the two incidents. Though at the time of Van Zantens incident, the whole "no takeoff without clearance" rule was pretty well set in stone. So my point that his experience told him he shouldn't but he blew it on a judgement call is still valid (at least I think so, anyway).

You are also completely correct in that judgement IS a derivative of experience. But experience is also a rotten teacher and experience with success can cloud (or trick) judgement. i.e. I have never been in a car wreck so my experience teaches me that I don't need to wear a seat belt. My judgment makes a different decision.

As far as leading the spill response or not? well....just give me the number of the "well trained, well equipped professional team who can plug it." and I'll send them down there myself and delete my post immediately.



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Britt, you're an excellent writer and thinker. Thanks for the response. I have no illusions that politics will stay out completely, I just hope they stay off the oil field. Using my clearest crystal ball, I'm writing for the record that for every decision made (or not) that the investigation will uncover as "causal" - there will be some mid-grade engineer or tool pusher issuing strong and clear warnings to management: there always is. What I hope is that leaders collide with these people and judgement wins every time.

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It's strange that I never made the connection between Mia and leadership, but you are absolutely right, Peter. Mia (@MiaChambers) is without question the most genuine and authentic leader in this fresh new(er) world of web and marketing. Without guile or agenda other than to help - Mia shows everyone (anyone) by example how to navigate through the fog created by the new tools of the net. And, she does it in a way that is confident, spot-on-right, and that simply makes all of us trust her - truly and genuinely trust her. That is the best of what leaders do.

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While I agree that you should get what you pay for, and calling the police when someone steals from you is reasonable - it is not an emergency, and she should have called the non-emergency number. She earned the citation.

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Yes Betty - but just for the fashion tips.

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Debra - My sister Gina is my favorite person on the planet.

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Thank you, Danny.

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Thanks Sean - I'm certain you'll get through it. Focus on the actionable and not the emotional and your two-thirds done.

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Thanks Daren - and I know exactly the bottlenecks you speak of. And I guess that's the larger point. Pay attention to your true talent and they will stay - rise to the top - and not tolerate the systemic failures that hold people back. And your right, top 5%ers do not let process or obstacles stand in their way - but they often go around them by dumping on team for another.

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Excellent question, Tim

For me, the best way to apply perspective in a way that everyone can understand is to take those "big deals" to their logical conclusion. Regardless of life experience, nobody ever worries about what is happening, they worry about what might happen next. When you are on the edge, you're not worried about being too close, you are worried about falling...until you fall...then you're no longer worried about're worried about stopping. It is the uncertainty that causes alarm. So help them over their uncertainty by using your experience to help them draw there own conclusions about the possibilities. "Let's say that this all goes wrong - what will that look like? What is the worst that can happen?" That is a good line of questioning to help people realize that the "worst" thing often isn't unmanageable.

Then - "If that happens that way, what can we do about it?" What is our plan then?"

Your experience has reset your baseline for a bad day, Tim. For those with less...experience, talking their concerns out to the possible ends is often all it takes to set the fear of that thing aside and take meaningful action.