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I hope so. I missed seeing STP last year because of work. Friend told me they sucked though. Said Scott was whacked out of his mind.

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I'm still kind of in my glory days, but I'd say Tool.

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i know somebody took a picture of our receipts. Where is the link to the ice cold water? We gotta share that gem.

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Ill be at comic con and hells to the yeah im coming to the after party.

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It seems like they went on IMDB and entered, "Action Star, Alive" and hit Random. Might be good for blow up action, but god damn. To many names to fit on the poster and each poster has a different highlighted cast member.

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CONGRATS! I'm extremely happy if not jealous. Denise is a catch Eli. I hope you guys are happy for years and years to come.

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I tried to watch Lost but after season 1 it was to crazy for me. Plus, that was when I started watching BSG, so it was a good trade off if you ask me.

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Not cosplay, but for Halloween at least my family always goes all out, especially when I was younger.

There was always one part of my costume, or the whole thing that was custom made.

Darth Vader, my dad and grand dad custom built the light panel for the chest plate.

Darth Maul, masks you say? Fuck that noise. Dad cut the dome part of the mask and used a putty to make it seamless with my face and painted it to look perfect.

The Mask (Jim Carrey). Dad helped to custom make that yellow suit he had and painted me all up.

Jango Fett, Dad used a vacuum thing to custom make the armor out of a lite plastic. Made holsters and every thing.

Indiana Jones, Only bought things were hat, whip, and pouch of sand (all bought at Disney when I was 5). He gave me the stubble, jacket, everything. That was also the year we wore costumes to school I was...8?). Every one was jealous. They took my whip though.

And...yeah. I thought maybe doing Indy for next comic con up in Baltimore, I already bought a new hat recently.

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i have two words. Battlestar Galactica

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Where is that at?