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I've got no dog in this race, a military tied to U.S. imperialism, v.s. the medieval Muslim Brotherhood, who would likely put Egypt under sharia law, kill gay people, restrict women's rights severely, kill infidels, etc. A pox on BOTH their houses, let us in the U.S. stay out of it and get to work fixing our own sick society.

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" I am real white pure European...Putin is one half bred Jew murderer." Adolph Hitler is that you?

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Machiavellian as unprincipled state centralism and Libertarian which is principled minimal government are antithetical. It reminds me of Commies saying the state will wither away *some day* if you trust us with absolute power now, but of course that never happens, and neither does a compromiser grow a spine and principles once compromised, it's a pipe dream shared by Rand Paul fans, O-bots, and Commies.

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Yeah hurray for war crimes, woo hoo.

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I hope these Zionist tools are bluffing... :(

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Rothbard was libertarian before you were even born Dondero, stuff it!

The non aggression principle is not leftist ,it's anti collectivist coercion, and yes I would know as an increasingly former left anarchist myself.

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Uhh no, Edward Abbey called out the neo-cons on war mongering 30 years ago.

How has betraying Ron Paul with untrue slander worked put for you Eric?

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It seems odd that Chomsky as a self proclaimed anarchist is so in favor of government schooling. Maybe he should read John Taylor Gotto on the failure of Prussian model sohooling? A real anarchist would call fro co-ops and mutual aid IMO

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Indeed and utterly irrational for that truly would invite war with the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims and one we would lose by numbers.

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The Indians probably feel the same way about you and I Rusty. Perhaps we should be grateful they aren't massacring US, eh? It's always easier to talk causally of mass shootings and invasions when YOU aren't the target, eh?