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- Activating the beta or normal UI, whichever you're not using. (Steam - Settings - Beta Participation)
- Creating a shortcut to the game executable on your desktop. Find the executable within the Steam directory. Make sure sure to enable the "Run this program as an administrator" field in the Properties - Compatibility section of the desktop shortcut. (applicable to Vista/7 only).

Just a couple ideas. I'll take another look at it tonight.

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Does absolutely nothing, as far as I can tell - though I didn't try to look at the code or anything.

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No, I wanted to brag about BOTH of my new 1TB removable hard drives. :P

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Thanks for taking the time to write this. I'll try your steps later this week, and will then likely add an improved version of your instructions to the post, as you offered. I'll also, naturally, credit you as the original author.

For the time being, I've added a note so people know to check the comments for your solution.

Thanks again!

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Thanks! I've updated the post to include this new information.

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:) Happy to help

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Just to make sure I understand this correctly:

You made multiple backups across two DVDs. You copied the first DVD contents to your hard drive, and ran it from there. It eventually asked for the second DVD, and when you put it in, it says "There is not enough free disk space to run Steam", and fails. That means you currently have the contents of both DVDs on your hard drive, and you need a way to tell the first backup program that the continuation is in another folder.

Is this correct?