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Cars is definitely my least favourite. Too long, and it was missing that essential, Pixar-y quality (sense of wonder? heart? I don't know) that the other movies have. That said, everyone I know with kids says that Cars is their kids' favourite Pixar movie.

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Like you keep saying, or like you keep constantly demonstrating?

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I'm curious as to why you seem so skeptical of Anderson Cooper's new show. He's handsome, charming, funny, is gay enough to indulge in dishy gossip, and still masculine (and closeted) enough not to frighten middle America. For a daytime talk show, that sounds like a demographic perfect storm.

It does strike me as a curious career move, but the show itself doesn't sound like an obvious flop.

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Ebert wrote a long blog post once about his love for his rice cooker, maybe that was it?

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Name one follower who holds tremendous influence. By definition they don't.

Isn't what you're saying that the census is a "leader" but you don't think it should be?

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"'domestic partnerships'—a species invented in order to endow gays and lesbians with all the legal difficulties of civil marriage without entitling them to drink from the dregs of its social dignity."

Perfect. Thanks for making my day with this one, Colby.

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Not watching television doesn't make you better than anyone. It makes you a person who doesn't watch television.

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I would be too, but I'm willing to bet the "gesture of goodwill" included a contract saying the family couldn't sue the airline.

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I enjoyed Damages, but I thought the finale was set up nicely as a series ender. Now that Ellen knows that Patty has regrets about her choices, it's going to be a lot harder to sympathize with Ellen following the same path.

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Was this story written by Babelfish? "The mother is 17 years old woman"?