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Zane Selvins is pro-development? Have you met the guy??!! Obviously not, as that couldn't be further from the truth. He lives in a co-op, hardly the pro-development type.

He cares about Boulder's renters and co-ops, there's no conspiracy here, folks.

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Assuming it's even true-

A cop gets pulled over 44 times and is still a cop? helllooooo hypocrisy! You can't follow the laws, why should you be enforcing them? Makes me wonder how many people he cut deals with when he pulled them over for traffic violations. Eek!

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DEATH, are you serious? You are over-exaggerating. Seriously over-exaggerating.

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Sign me up I'm ready to be the guinea pig if it means a shift away from today's factory farming. Who knows what we can do, why stop short. At least this is stem cell and not GMOs, cloning vs hybridization, I dunno, sounds a little safer.

If humans won't eat it AT LEAST we can consider it for our pets, that would be a huge impact on the factory farming numbers and the mass suffering that goes into feeding our companion animals. And Fido don't give a shit.

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Rich people don't own Boulder, it's only fair that those citizens not born into wealth or that aren't the head of some computer programming company get to live here too. Jesus! You want to gripe about these poor people,. but guess what, they're the ones doing the jobs you don't want to. They've earned their right to live here by working every day, same way everyone else does, they just get paid a lot less. Oh no, another couple pennies on your total bill to keep your sweet neighbor who watches your cats for free when you go out of town from having to move to Longmont. It's not just about the money, folks, it's about our community as a whole. People take our city's effort to preserve some sense of affordability for granted, we should be proud there's ANY effort to help. It might not be the best time for a new tax, but I see no reason to once again try and discredit BHP or the city for their efforts. Those two entities are the ONLY reason our community sees any kind of economic diversity IMO.

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omg!!!! what is happening to Boulder!!!

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You can fire someone for whatever reason you want, as long as it's not considered discriminatory. At will employment.

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I think you're SPOT ON! They talk about having to shoulder the burden, they have no idea what that means. Try sleeping in your car while keeping your kids in school and maintaining a service job in the very city you grew up in. Everyone deserves a safe place to live, those looking for a home and those that have one. Get over yourselves north Boulder, it's embarrassing. Find a gated community where you'll finally feel 'safe'.

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When you look at the map, they (BHP) don't have as much in North Boulder as people seem to think. In fact, as compared to the rest of Boulder, North Boulder doesn't shoulder the majority of the affordable housing units, not even close.

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I don't know whether to thumbs this up or thumbs it down! OY!