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May Allah protect Somaliland!

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i think something is wrong with 68 million SL shilin, even if it is in USA $ I don’t think the amount is that huge to talk about. I think the new government has to investigate with the previous management immediately.

Kayse.. I think it is too early to judge on the new government, wait for at least 2 years.

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I would love to advise you all somalilanders to stop talking too much and carry on creating, inventing, building & inspiring for our country and recognition will eventually follow. i hope recognition will be matter of months..

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good news! but soon they will face problems. i prefer African express ..

Boqoljireh... let Daallo first works on short & long term plan and then develop Berbera airport.

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All neighboring countries including the Gulf countries Saudi Arabia in the top do not want Somaliland gets international recognition.

Recognition does not mean anything to me in the current situation but security and stability and the completion of the chosen new President of the Republic is what we need to focus at now.

Long life ...Somaliland

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You are all right , all waiting to be recognized and even get it, we must not despair and devise , we must persevere and get the highest science ,come to our beloved homeland AND THEN send the elderly to retire for good. in order to help our nation

May God protect somaliland from all evils and enemies.

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May Allah protect my beloved country Somaliland.

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My dear Inadeer Rahma Osman congratulations for this great success. May your future be happy and successful.
we are all proud of you our little shining star.
and hambaleyo for the rest of your friends.

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i think u will end up to Mogadishu alone Mr.Abdirazak No somalilander real will think of riding that train at all even if it is heading to Heaven. Enjoy your trip alone to Mogashishu and bon vayage.

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All are the same ya yonis.. useless & money seekers only.