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Not many, and I rarely go out when Steve's out of town. I also struggle going out after kids are in bed - I'm tired at that time of day. I also doesn't help that Steve often has work-type commitments in the evenings fairly regularly. Tomorrow, I'm getting together with an old friend (haven't seen her for 2yrs!) for coffee earlier in the evening, but that's not terribly common. There is a woman on my street who I've hit it off with, but illness and crazy work schedules seem to be conspiring against us. :)

(One of the reason I'm looking forward to going back to work is... lunch dates. I have tons of friends downtown who are as busy with kids/life as I am, so a midday date is easy.)

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Me too!

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After 5:30? With rabid children in tow? Not a snowball's chance in hell. o_O

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lol - My waistline thanks me for not HAVING a mailbox!

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TOTALLY not alone. Speaking of... would you like to come over again & let the crazies play one of these days? I will message you.

I've also had mommy-timeouts - they are lifesavers. o_O

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Thank you. And yes, there is that. :)

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I've removed tons of people from my newsfeed because their posts don't interest me - I'd COMPLETELY understand if they did the same to me. :)

I've never had a data plan, so I only play online when I have wifi access. (I have very little down-time when I'm working, so it's less of an issue then. :)

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Yeahhhh... these guys were at least in their early/mid twenties. The ring-leader may have been in his early thirties and he was easily twice my size. They were old enough to know better. :/

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Honestly? I find it easier with two. With just Frances, I didn't have the motivation to get out of the house - with a 3yo, I don't have a choice. Getting out does wonders for my mood & energy levels - even if I feel like pulling my hair out some days!

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Thanks. :)