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"it’s only when we trust his loving care that we’re able to really begin to allow the hope of Christ to shine through us." Love this!

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Have i told you how much i love your heart? You are one of the wisest and most loving Mama's i know! I am blessed to call you friend! Thank you for such an amazingly good word!!! Love you, sis!

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huge "A HA" moment for me. thanks for starting the day off on a great note for me :) you RAWK!

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WHOO HOO! UNH HUH, thats right! Rock star photograher is gonna have a mini-me! SAWEET♥♥♥ Congrats to you both!

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As always, you are a freaking ROCK STAR! Awesomesauce!!! great looking family, too!

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Great post! Something i struggle with on a regular basis. Thank you for reminding me that i am second. In my relationship with God, my children, friends, even finances. He before me:). peace, love & His LOVE!

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i live close enough that i could drive, pack a lunch and not need accomodations. Our church really needs a way to keep the conversation going beyond Sunday morning. We have a really great gal that is transitionaing into the postition of D. of Communications, and we know she is going to be fabulous, but at this point, social media, and its role in the church is not really high on the list of priorities. I really feel like it is making a huge impact and have seen results(personally as well as from a distance via the congregation i used to worship with in MO) so i know it is key. i just don't have the means myself to be able to afford to attend. Thx so much for this opportunity and for all that you are doing for the Kingdom! peace, love & His LOVE♥

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Hold Fast. am praying for you and yours, dear sister.

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usually i can pic a fave right off...not this time? beautiful girl! love the moon in the backround of 0079. i'll say it again...i wanna be you when i grow up? you rock!