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You are inspiring me!!! I've been trying to decide about a guy I've been dating for a while now ... on paper, it's all right, but that "spark" that you describe, the connection where you just know ... well, I don't know for sure, and that should be telling me something. Thanks for helping me to sort out my own feelings, while I am wildly ecstatic for you about your feelings. And p.s., thanks for the necklace, it's beautiful!

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WOW, way too many things in common already ... I have a GREAT feeling about this one!!

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That's kids for ya ... the best laid plans can go to hell in a moment's notice. Sorry Benjamin wasn't up to his normal self, but it sounds like the Moms still had some fun!

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I think the Tiger was just feeling sorry for himself when he made that comment. I dated a guy for a few dates, found that he wasn't for me, and when I was "putting him back on the rack" he suddenly said "well, I think it's going to be very hard for you to find someone who wants to be with you and those three kids all the time". Ouch, but I realized he was just being a baby and lashing out. I said to him "That's a bet I'll take". :)

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You know, if I had a husband, the simplest things would be HUGE for me ... like having a husband who does the dishes while I put my three to bed. It just SUCKS big-time to work all day, come home and spend three hours playing with/bathing/teeth-brushing/reading/snuggling three kids, then go downstairs to a sink full of dishes from hours before. Ugh.

That, and I just hate the thought that if Mr. Right Husband doesn't appear, my kids will grow up not knowing what a solid relationship looks like between two adults. I worry that they won't know what to look for when they are old enough to contemplate marriage. God knows they won't see it with their father, who is 40 and living with a 21-year-old .... just two days ago my girls (who are 4) asked if Daddy and I were ever married. They don't even know what it's like to have two parents in the same house, and that makes me so, so sad.

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I think it could really happen!! Ever since I was 27, I was told by tarot card readers that I was going to have two girls at the same time. Became a joke in my family, and when I finally met my (now ex) husband and I got pregnant at 35, everyone swore it would be twins. No twins, not even a girl, but a lovely little boy. Tried and tried for 3 years for #2, nothing happened, went to a doc and she said let's do IVF (by now, I was 38). Of course, this is how I'm getting my twin girls, right?? But IVF failed, and we moved on to adopt a little girl from China. Just as the paperwork was about to be sent over to China, surprise, I'm pregnant! And ... you guessed it ... after we decided to go ahead with the adoption anyway (just on a slower schedule), we found out that I was pregnant with a girl. When my daughter by birth was a year old, we went to China and adopted my second daughter, and my TWO GIRLS AT THE SAME TIME are 6 months apart. So long answer, but YES, I do believe you could be meeting Dave!!

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And btw, tonight, I picked my daughter's nose. :)

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Clearly this person is not a single mother, nor does she have any friends who are single moms. Keep doing what you are doing sistah -- cuz you are SPOT ON with everything you share about this crazy, unplanned single mother life!!!
~an admiring 24/7 single mom with 3 little ones tucked into their beds ... at the moment!

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Sorry -- this isn't all about me. :) Forgot to add, I LOVE your new camera!!!

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I kept my XH off all my accounts, but he still found a way to run up over $100K on all the cards that were in my name only ... by forging cash access checks that were sent to me in the mail by my credit card companies. I was also independent and had excellent credit, so the card companies kept increasing my limits until I had a ridiculous amount of open credit. XH also then declared bankruptcy, and I am still paying down all that debt. My career has been in the financial services industry, so I knew that bankruptcy was never an option for me -- I need a clean credit report to get the level of job I need. I will also add that XH also drained the savings (was all mine before the marriage), then left me when I was a stay at home mom, with 3 kids (ages 5, 2, and 1), and managed to avoid paying child support for over a year. Oh, and the kicker -- even though the house was always in my name, he was due half of the increase in value of it, from the time we were married till the divorce.

Get a prenup!!! And call those credit card companies and tell them not to send those checks to your house. 3 years later, I am still under water.