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Okay today is the last day I am going to comment. I am sure the judges have made up their minds alreay, and I hope as well as alot of you do that they give Jeffrey the job. Suzie and bob hope you realize that we love Melissa, but Jeffrey has all the entegrity, character, and mellowness to bring a really different food network show to us, other than that of Rachel Ray, and Paula Deen, who i see a Melissa to be.
Good Luck Jeffrey, totally in your corner, can't wait for you to WINNNNNNNNNN

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Thanks Tina, I also am waiting for Jeffrey to win, i like his integrity and the way he cooks and presentation for him is always great

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I disagree, I think Jeffrey has deserved to make it this far, if you remember he has won the most challenges so far, I think that puts him in the #1 spot. If you also remember Melissa always has a problem with the way her food tastes. I think Melissa is good, but not one to be on TV giving directions on how to cook dishes that are'nt that great.

I believe Jeffrey deserves to win, and I think that he will shine, we all have to admit that there is a certain amount of nervousness when it comes to trying out for a show, or interviewing for a job, but I have always found out as a manager for many years, the one that listens more always turns out to be the better of the two. Jeffrey all the way

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I have been posting alot about who I think should win. I am just a Jeffrey fan, he is such a great cook and has so much to show us a viewers. Does anyone agree, that there are so many women on the food network, its time for a guy to show us some more ways to cook. Enough Rachel, and all the other fast talkers, give me Guy, or Bobby anytime, I always watch both of them.

Jeffrey stay positive, outgoing, and happy and I know you will win

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After reading alot of comments yesterday, I still believe Jeffrey should win. I know people don't change, and Melissa will get nervous and talk fast, that is something that is hard to change. Sometimes I can't event understand her she just giggles and starts talking faster.

I would like to see Jeffrey win because he has alot more to show us yet, and I know he can be funny, and is always consistent no matter what they throw at him, as well as winning so many challenges, so I am hoping for a Jeffrey win and would love to be watching his show.

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I watch the show all the time. I'm sorry to see Debbie go, but how many times can we say Korean in one sentence.

I am a big Jeffrey fan, I would love to see him have his own show, I want to know why Melissa thinks that she is the first person on the food network who is a working or stay at home mom,and that would make someone watch her. I felt bad for her when she commented on her Mom committing suicide, but was she looking for sympathy votes.

I find Melissa to be another Debbie, and can't imagine her not going back to talking fast, and getting everyone confused. I want Jeffrey to win, i would always watch his show, he is always so engaging, and brings the family element into whatever he does, he remains consistent.

I look forward to the finals, and maybe it would be a good idea if Jeffrey and Melissa had a show together, it would definitely be interesting, but if that can't happen, then I would love to see Jeffrey win.