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Birth choice is absolutely one of my things, and I love seeing other peoples' thoughts. "The Business of Being Born" movie is also an awesome place to start (netflix has it!), because I know Ina May can be a little extreme for some people to start with. Ina May and this kind of reading/research is probably over 50% of the reason I'm in nursing school now. It's all about education!

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Venice was awesome! Jim's been editing photos for several days now - I'm hoping that this weekend we'll get some up on Flicker and Picassa. I'll be sure and link you :)

As for videos - We have 2 videos from the trip, both of installations from the Russian pavilion, but they are both sound-dependent for the full effect. We do have a DVD of our wedding that a friend took, but the sound is not so hot. He was sitting next to the waterfall during the ceremony, so you can't hear much.