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Great piece, and nice job investigating the issue. This kind of thing is pretty common for bureaucracies, where the right hand and the left are entirely unaware of what the other is doing. Here's hoping they will sort this out before they start fining people for not having licenses for their pets.

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There's a certain amount of irony in the fact that these nutjobs stand next to soldiers' funerals with "Thank God for dead soldiers" signs and then defend their actions on the grounds of free speech. Whom do they think they can thank for that right in the first place?

Besides, I am not sure the concept of free speech is really a valid excuse here. When the Bill of Rights was written, they were probably more concerned about guaranteeing the public's right to criticize its political leadership and to partake in civil discourse, rather than protecting people's right to behave like assholes. Free speech isn't a carte blanc to pull all the stops between your brain and your mouth.

I just don't agree with your definition of a "generic public protest." The Tea Party shouting matches are public protests; standing next to the funeral procession of a private individual is not a generic public protest, it's a personal assault.

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Sheen talking about honoring agreements is kind of funny. I'm sure there's something in his contract about showing up to work.

As for HBO, the 'talks' might just be Sheen making a pitch that goes nowhere. Unless HBO is looking for their own version of Showtime's "Californication."

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Kids will be kids. Perhaps this mom should spend her money on therapy instead of toys.

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It's a wise decision to close up shop for the season. The man is out of control. He has but 1/10th of the talent his old man has, and a millionth of his grace.

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This would be a great hit with the AARP, I'm sure. DMV's answer to the "death panels." Grandma can take the bus from now on if her digital dexterity doesn't have her flying across the iPad.

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What's next - cracking jokes about 9/11? "Need a break from burning the midnight kerosene? Run - don't jump! - your way to Whataburger!"

Don't these companies hire professional copywriters? Haha, 900 bodies. Somebody wasn't using their brain.

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It seems ridiculous to me. I went to camp at 15 and participated in a mudwrestling contest, wrestling both boy and girl opponents; everybody wore bathing suits. There wasn't anything sexual to it. These kinds of problems are created by the parents' puritan attitudes. You can turn anything into a big deal by giving it enough unnecessary attention of the wrong kind.

However, if it's necessary to put a sexual spin on it: if I had a son, were he to squirm around sweating, spandex-clad, and his hands going all over the place, I'd prefer it were with a female.

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How ironic. On the other hand, at her age, you might as well eat whatever you want and smoke to your heart's content - what else is there to look forward to?