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I could so feel your emotions as I read the piece. The point is that I truly agree. Too many people look at the most ridiculous portrayals of queer men and women in movies, etc - and see that as how all of us are. Queer men - too flamboyant to portray a straight role. Queer women - too masculine to be light and feminine. Duh! Acting is portraying someone/something different than who you are as a person.

No when choosing the next justice sexual orientation should not matter - but there is nothing wrong with knowing if the candidate is open and wants us to know.

I actually chose to stop reading Newsweek several years ago. Now I have another reason.

Glad you wrote this!!

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I am a person whose life was aided by two separate blood transfusions during one long hospital stay. Before the blood was even handed to my nurse a ritual of red tape was initiated - for safety reasons. Then even before the drip was started my nurse gave me a disclaimer - telling me (in different words) that although the blood is very carefully screened for many many diseases there is still a very slim possibility that a disease might have gotten past the screening process, etc. All I could think about was that I trust the screening and I want to get better. My nurse stayed with me at my side monitoring me throughout the transfusions (each time) - and I had several units each time. When she needed a brief break the desk nurses were alerted to watch for me and I was instructed to notify when and if certain things happened. Fortunately there were no problems.

Months later at home and doing much much better I read all I could find on the screening processes. Those processes used include a number of process to screen the blood for HIV/AIDS. From the first time I became aware of the ban preventing any man who has had sex with another man from donating - I have fully believed that that ban was and is completely wrong. Blood is needed for many people who are ill and/or dying. There are always shortages of precious blood.

I am truly sorry that your most dear friend Crystal did not survive. I am also grateful that the blood was available for her and that it was available for me two years ago. For those who don't understand why the ban is so wrong I ask - When the shortages happen - who doesn't get the blood???

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This should not be done whether the young man is gay or straight. The comment from Nelson G brought back memories of hearing about a childhood friend of mine - well our families were friends. His father took him to Las Vegas (also in the early 70's) so that his first experience would be with an "experienced" lady.

I don't agree with the concept at all. Any sexual experience - male or female - gay or straight - should be consensual and desired.

The investigation should continue and in my opinion this is homophobia - but even beyond homophobia.

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I'm so glad you wrote about this - all of it needs to be public information. This is information that should be made clear to all people.

The connections of the "Family" on C St. - are so far reaching that they even can be connected to the new law in Uganda. They are the same who would talk about the sanctity of life and marriage, etc.

I'm sick of censors deciding that I would not want to see two people of the same gender kissing on a program - but would want to see projections of limbs being torn apart and blood splashing on another program. I realize somebody said this (and apparently didn't mean it during his campaign) ... but it is time for (many) changes!!

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I so agree with you on this. This is garbage and it really smells - and it reeks of broken promises.
Restore Equality 2010 is about civil rights and the right to express our love to the one we love.
Research and studies is simply not going to accomplish this.
Yes - in the past Courage Campaign (LA) and Lambda Legal have done some good things - but in my perspective they have turned their backs on what matters.
My donation (comparatively small but significant for my income) and my full support is going to Restore Equality 2010.
The others can just put duct tape over their mouths and their reputations !!

I am really glad you wrote this !!!

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Can we say "double standard"? So do some people think it's "cute" when two women kiss on stage during an awards performance - but when two men kiss it is _____??

There have been a lot more things included in performances which are much more sexual than a kiss - during these award shows. Nobody seemed to be complaining when male singers grabbed (or pretended to grab) their own genitals.

Reminder to those who said "Adam Lambert is still Gay...." => Gay is NOT a lifestyle choice. It is life.

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Signforequality.com is a very workable website. User friendly. Easy to sign up - easy to download the petition - easy to view the training.

Glad you posted this jason! Glad you are a part of this jane!


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Okay... now he got me started. lol with you ! First - I don't think he would be able to make it through boot camp. If I misunderstood and he's already in the service - well then I will keep positive thoughts for those serving with him. Wait.... G-d in the military??? (never mind...) Second - how many want to start a pool that some of the people he already knows are queer? They're just not telling him - and trying to get away from HIM.

This person can watch whatever he wants to watch - after all his watching of videos led him to this very important compilation "Why We Marched" ... and that could end up being an education for him in the long run.

Let's send him a white knot and let him try to figure out what it is..... can somebody get a video of his reaction when he opens the package ???

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5 stars for covering this - appreciate all your hard work. Really. Was hesitant to give the blog the 5 stars - because the stars were not for the defeat of our rights - but for your coverage !!

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Jason I think the wish you made this morning was just right. Just Right - and it happened. That's definitely a great big birthday surprise.
Usually - like you - I fully believe in free speech - but again in this case I agree with you. This is not the time or place for angers. This is a post and a day for reflection and realizing just what this legislation means. Thank-you for presenting this, thank-you to Judy Shepard for all her hard work.

... if you would like to send the comment to me ... on another day... I am curious.