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We should all understand what a gift LIFE is - not just someone playing in the Big Ten.

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"The case is considered suspicious and remains under investigation." Glad to know that a gunshot wound to the head and chest is still considered suspicious.

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I went to your profile and didn't see any posts ripping on boys who play after they have signed on to a college. What gives?

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Do you also rip on the boys who have already signed with schools and will continue to play basketbal or is it just wrong for the "ladies"? Never mind the continued practice and experience they are getting.

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Good question. Who knows. I have liked all the first ladies of recent history - regardless of their political affiliation. I think bashing them is completely uncalled for and immature. IMHO....

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History professor, Dick Broadie, called the first lady a "meddler" - love how he had to get a dig in before saying it is an honor to have her speaking.

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My Two Dads

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Agreed - if it means sparing the cost of a trial, the chance that he'll get off and the punishment fits - why not go with a plea?

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He is going to argue that he wasn't driving at a high rate of speed and it's just an accident - accidents happen. The prosecution will have to prove he was negligent. So of course he is going to plead not guilty and hope that he can find someone on the jury who doesn't see speeding as negligence.

It's very sad for the family to have to relive this nightmare in a court of law. I hope and pray they find justice for their children.