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@nicki-- our caterer gave us a list of about 50 passed hors d'oeuvres to choose from, and we got the package that let us serve 20. The servers walked around with them all night. We chose a variety (I'm a veggie, he's not) and everyone said there was plenty of food. I loved that we didn't do a sit-down dinner, because everyone mingled and no one was stuck in one chair all night. It was called the "never ending cocktail hour." We worked for months on the bar menu and served cocktails that were mainly pre-prohibition. It went well with the Steampunk theme- maybe consider something like that for your Art Deco party!

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Thanks everyone! For all those curious about the vow exchange, here's how it went down: we both felt that this very personal exchange of words should be just between us, and for no one else to hear. We tripped on it for about a minute, thinking "is this what people come to weddings to hear?"- but that hesitation didn't last long. We strongly believed the ceremony was about us, and not the people watching. I mentioned the idea to my mother to see if she thought anyone would be offended by it, and she said no- the ceremony is about you two, etc.- she loved the idea. We wrote our vows on beautiful paper, sealed them in envelopes, and exchanged the envelopes during the ceremony. Our officiant guided the guests in what was going on by saying something like, "Michele and Matt are now going to publicly exchange their vows privately." I think most guests were surprised, but said how sweet it was, and asked when were we going to open them, etc. It was a 'tear down the cheek' moment, and added some mystery to the ceremony.

There also were no "I do's".. After the ring exchange, vow exchange, and handfasting, we kissed and were pronounced officially married. -m

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Hi Elisabeth- they're actually shoes and spats. The shoes are groom's own Sketchers and the spats are from an army surplus shop here in San Francisco.

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Thank you everyone! (And Matt thanks you, too!) xoxx

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I used a regular all-purpose sewing needle. I've sewed paper lots of times, for various art projects. It probably dulls the tip a bit, but I haven't noticed difficulty in sewing since the flags. I think I would change it if I were going to sew a lightweight fabric like silk or chiffon, but it's been fine otherwise.

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Yay! Thanks again Shrie and congratulations Liz! I'll keep my eye out for pics of your flags :]

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Hi! So happy everyone likes them. I put a few drops of glue on the sticks, mainly because I didn't want the flags sliding down the dowels. Then I folded the paper around, and did the stitching with a zipper foot- they ended up being fairly tight. It was super easy!

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I am going back to school this semester. As a third change of career (!), I am almost finished with a graduate program in Interior Design/Interior Architecture. Two classes left (Kitchen Design & Construction Documents) and I'm done! (I am a little nervous because in the middle of the semester- October- I am getting married and will be missing a few classes. But, having so much fun wedding planning, I'm not really stressed about it!) I am most excited about Kitchen Design because I don't know that much about designing kitchens and I am looking forward to creating an amazing space for the final project. I haven't got my school supplies yet.. but I know I need some new folders. I plan on doing a diy project with some plain folders and cover them in designer fabric swatches or vintage sheets!

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Two things I was hesitant to spend money on in my recent past but am uber happy I did are my green and pink Fluevogs, and my embroidered violet Anthropologie coat. Happy me! Oh, and the black and gold brocade corset I wasn't sure I wanted to wear on my wedding day but purchased anyway (too gothicy, too dark..?).. but I love it, it looks fab on, so I'm doing it! xx