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There's a typo for "objection!"

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Chris Sabat has appeared in every single Brothers in Arms game, including Hell's Highway. He plays a British guy in the newest one.

Joel, you've had more lines than him in every single game. So, enjoy those apples.

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Accelerate your life IN THE MOTHA FUCKIN NAVY!

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Way late to the party, but here is my eleventy cents. I like the pink spacesuit but DRAW IT SO IT MATCHES JOSH mr. photoshop cutout filter. It doesn't hang together so hot right now-- especially the lighting.

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I find it interesting (oh, and preface that I'm stealing your post to soapbox) that people think of Batman Begins as an "adaptation."

*ahem* If I may...

Batman Begins is a re-imagining of the whole Batman mythology. It borrows lightly from a few key books (Year One, Killing Joke, various Jeph Loeb ventures, etc) but it really goes out of it's way to tell its own story and background for Bruce Wayne and the man behind the mask. He starts the movie as a prisoner in some strange Chin- erhm, Asian prison of unknown origin and we watch as an aimless Bruce Wayne is turned into Batman by RA'S FUCKING AL GHUL. He eventually goes against his master but he was clearly the person that developed this idea of fear as a weapon (conveniently teamed up with Scarecrow, the only other villain that uses fear so well.)

Before anyone bites off my esophagus and makes a Chinese finger trap out of it-- I love Batman Begins. I think it's easily the best Batman movie ever made (and yes, I'm putting Mask of the Phantasm on there _and_ BB: Return of the Joker ) but it really isn't attempting to be canonical. This is the part where I'm getting to the soapbox:

The people responsible for making these movies in Hollywood have been taking shit for so many years when a crappy superhero movie comes out because it's not the "true origin" or its "outside of canon." But, in reality, those internet soapboxers (IRONY!) are missing the point. The movies were shitty. I think a re-imagining, a lot of times, is _exactly_ what these origin stories need. Most of these mythologies have existed over some 60-some odd years and have been twisted and ret-conned to hell and back (lookin' at you, Death of Superman : Just Kidding!) Batman Begins was awesome because they didn't dwell on the same old bullshit we'd seen a hundred times before. It was pure. It was new. We witnessed an aimless Bruce Wayne misplace his anger with such an epic fail there was no way he should have come out of it-- but Ra's and Alfred saved him- hell, they created who he really was. That never existed in a single comic, or in over 80 years of continuity, or in hundreds of thousands of lines of dialog.

How fuckin' cool is that?

PS. Fantastic Four sucks.

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I didn't laugh at first-- and then I saw that the paper was octagonal and then I started laughing a lot. It was the details that did it for me.


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Oh, Chad. Don't encourage this behavior. It's bad for everyone, but it's especially bad for me. That shit smells toxic like a Brittany video. Yech.

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I are. I expect payment of said smallish banana at your earliest convenience.

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