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If we want EVs to be taken seriously, we have to judge them by the same standards as ICE-powered cars. EVs have a terrible reputation to get over. It's for that reason that Tesla chose a high-performance sports car as their first model.

It's not at all fair to say, as Paul does above, that ICE cars break down on a weekly basis. Modern combustion engine cars are very, very reliable, with mean time between failures of several thousands of hours. If EVs are to be taken seriously, they *must* achieve similar reliability.

In terms of reliability, what fixed gear it was in or what the torque output of the motor was is neither here nor there. Do we give the car handicap points as a result of this information?

I own a G-Wiz and a Prius. I'm desperate for someone to come out with a "real", fully electric car. So far all the news seems to be full of excuses instead of advances.