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Thanks for the comment. I was impressed by the book and the contrast between what they had done and what USA Today had written. It definitely got me thinking. Mike...

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Great post Julie. Interesting too how energized the employees were by the actions of one leader. We all want what we do to be important. Interesting how this person responded to the actions of her new boss.

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Sharon, thanks for the comment and one of my new favorite actions: "institutionalize disruption." What a great thought! One person can "instigate" a disruptive environment but you're right, they can't institutionalize it. The fun starts when others start to catch on and a disruptive environment begins to emerge.

I also think many organizations fail to realize that disruption exists. They spend all of their energy trying to avoid it but it really exists in many places more than people think. Lot's of thoughts swirling in my mind. Thanks for getting me started on this great thought. Mike...

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Great points Karin. I especially liked the point about how volunteering level's the playing field. When everyone's a volunteer, how well does your leadership impact the outcome of a project? Treat every situation and team member like a volunteer and you'll always lean toward your "best" as a leader.

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Thanks for the comment and the great post link. We certainly made some of the same points. Your question will make for a great post (or several). To be more ourselves, I think we must search for the place where our great joy meets the world's great need. My best energy is that energy I can bring all the time. My best activities energize me rather than drain me. Then, I'm free to make a positive difference in the lives of others and I have the energy to get as good as possible and maximize the impact. That's an initial thought, anyway. Thanks for asking.

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Thanks for the great comment. I want to pursue effect, rather than perfection. If I can maximize my positive impact, the fact that I'm not perfect pales in comparison. Thanks again for the comment. Sorry for the slow reply.

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Thanks for the practical story. It bears itself out over and over again. We burn too much energy trying to be something we're not. Leadership isn't a set of behaviors any more. it's a conscious decision to be the person who takes responsibility and makes things better. Since we're all imperfect, we go from where we are and do the best we can. Thanks!

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I agree we are tempted to believe we must be perfect, or to believe we "must have the power." But we are our best leader when we are our "best" self. We must remain who we truly are, or we will manipulate. I have a friend who said his training changed the day he decided rather than simply training for a triathlon, he WAS a triathlete. We decide to inspire - that's a great comment you make above - and we begin to find people who share our vision or our cause and they self-motivate. Thanks for the great comment.

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"Hooey"? I agree. I think of "power" as the dark side of "influence." People who are under authority are the ones that can get things done. That authority may come from a boss, but most often that authority comes from the very people you're trying to influence. When people give you the power to influence their free will and chosen behaviors, there is indeed much power and much good that can come from it.

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Mike, great post. I agree with you all the way around. Definitely by the third email, I'm on the phone or face to face. But I go one step further on #2. Three times gets understanding and either agreement or intelligent questions, but it takes several more times to communicate ownership or for the listener to take responsibility for the information or the idea. If it's more important to communicate responsibility, I just don't think you can stop at 3. Judging from the way you made the point, I expect you'd agree.