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There are actual problems in the world. Just saying....

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"NO ONE knows what happens when we die, and ANYONE who claims such knowledge is a LIAR who probably wants your money."

That, my friend, is the only Truth. Sorry to dissapoint you.

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Exhibit A: The Oil & Gas Industry.

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Remembering facts is highly frowned upon by leaders on the Right.

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Once again Republicans conveniently cast off a former ally as soon as they are no longer useful in promoting their agenda. Nothing to see here.

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What a despicable group of narcissists. Just plain disgusting what they continue to think they can get away with at our expense. These folks need to be shown the door... preferably covered in tar and feathers.

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How ironic that he announces this in Las Vegas. If everyone in Colorado rode bikes 100% of the time, it still wouldn't offset a single days worth of environmental damage done by Las Vegas.

There is no conceivable excuse for Las Vegas. We damn up a major river so morons with more money than brains can gamble inside air conditioned monoliths in the freakin' desert?!? I refuse to inconvenience myself further so that gangsters can fleece retirees out of their pensions. Shut down that festering cesspool, then we can talk about bikes and the environment. Until then we are just spinning our proverbial wheels in the sand.

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Headline should have read: "Massive, regulation-skirting corporation masquerading as a start-up App hires PR firm to defend hypocritical business model."

In other news, rich people attempt to get slightly richer.

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"It would be great if everyone was in co-ops and didn't have cars.."

Great for who?

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Tell ya what Jane, if you're so invested in your "save the world, right sizing dogma", go and start a new town with all of your regulations in writing before the first residents move in. That way you'll have a utopia filled with like minded people who – and pay very close attention to what I'm saying next – WHO SIGNED UP FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

No one, repeat NO ONE, ever moved to Boulder to be subjected to your arrogant social experiments. And we resent and reject their elitist enforcement and the people who would enforce them.