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You have a "House Band!" Just on the strength of that (and on your very frank remarks) I will look into your wine. Cheers!

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Very cool. Mainstream media gig. You do good work and deserve the accolades and exposure. Keep on Sippin.
"Sippin After Dark?"
"Sex in a Bottle"


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The guy was clearly looking for an argument. Crist may be a a dipshit but this kid was just getting in his grill. His admission that he wasn't overly polite is pretty much a statement that he was being an asshole. But that's just my take on it.

Brother Richard, you did a good job of asking the right questions and framing Crist's position.


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I don't care about an apology because it's pretty thin stuff to be considered assault. But IF it happened, and IF the alleged victim wasn't being deliberately provocative (which I can see happening), then it should be reported widely, yes.

It's just as likely that the atheist was just looking to pick an argument and to embarrass Crist and frankly, if that's the case, getting his button ripped off and getting yelled at seems pretty harmless.

Without more facts, I can't see this as much of a rallying point.


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They're so cute at that age.

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Unholy s***, that's funny! Must have t-shirt.

Just toeing the line on being really offensive.

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Nice. Gotta love the science guy.

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I think Kristopowitz misses the point here although I like his discussion of this. Commenter JCishere has the right of it saying that audience preferences drive Hollywood content and not the other way around. Both Madison Avenue and Hollywood (and I suppose art in general) reflects the culture that created it, it doesn't make that culture. Sure, it's a bit of two-way street but primarily, the entertainment industry is going to write what the audience wants to see....which makes sense, of course, since it's a business.


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Wow, I know that it's necessary to have these discussions/debates with organizations like Traditional Values Coalition but wow, after a while it just gets tiring to listen to. Mr. Niose did a nice job of it and the moderator was good (if a bit biased towards our side of the cause).

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This is an interesting situation for me. He is such a towering talent as an actor that it pains me to avoid his films. I think he's a nut job extremist Catholic , bit of a hypocrite. As to his remarks in 2006, I don't much care about that because a) I can forgive some bad behavior while drunk and b) it doesn't much surprise me when put in the framework of his Catholicism. And really, I don't care whether he likes Jews or not. So I suppose I don't find sufficient cause to boycott his films.

I have EXACTLY the same situation with Tom Cruise, but I won't boycott his films either because I really don't care whether he's crazy or not.

And I don't think that rational community has a dog in this fight other than as being part of the human race. :) I think it's a case by case basis for me or anyone. For instance, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are in such opposition to my view of the world and what I think is valuable and right that I find it difficult to watch their work.
Great topic of discussion.