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Great points.

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Maybe it's in the shallow end, but this is still in the spectrum of how Americans are supposed to be. The rest of the world relies on the USA to be the last bastion of people who don't just put up with B.S. because someone in a uniform says so. Americans have been letting the rest of the world down in this regard, and I'll take what I can get, even though I realize a lot more needs to be corrected than just irrational gadget rules on planes. But it's still in the same spectrum as what the rest of us around these parts usually rail against, and it doesn't make him stupid or entitled, simply because it's as far as we've seen of this guy. What makes him stupid is all the rest of the stuff he agrees with, that he should be rebelling against, and I don't think Dana fully made her case this time. Which is a very rare occasion, indeed.

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With my credit card debt, I'm officially looking up at poor.

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Airline Industry and Alec Baldwin... does any couple deserve each other more than these?

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C'mon, son!

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Anyone who thinks they can find a country with a more appropriate distribution of prosperity and affluence... should move there.

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On this farm, some animals are more equal than others, sadly. Anyone for bacon?

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"give us more" - there ain't no more

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#journalism is hard

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They almost fear conservative Cubans and Hispanics, and conservative overseas Chinese, and conservative Jews, and conservative Mormon politicians (if there are any) and well, any conservative minority.