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Prof Warrell's plenary lecture was the first I'd heard, but it may have been under trial for some time. Let's see if we can find out a bit more about this promising new method.

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Dear Ladybugz, Melioidosis is well known in Singapore service personnel. It can require prolonged eradication therapy, as described in recent peer-reviewed journal articles, though it is unusual to require multiple courses of antibiotic treatment for that long. The most effective antibiotics cure the majority of cases. There is usually a reason for recurrence of infection, which your son\'s physician has probably already investigated. We have physicians here who would be willing to share their experience of melioidosis treatment in more difficult cases with your son\'s medical team.

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Yes, the Latin derivation makes it sound a bit like "man-eating Anopheles". There must be a bit of gender rivalry going on there, since it's always the female Anopheles that goes for the blood meal. Maybe it's a good thing we don't have endemic malaria in Oz to worry about as well.

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It\'s a pleasure, but NB it\'s also a team effort. Couldn\'t manage without the support of a great bunch of colleagues. The Trop Med material is set to expand prodigiously, so watch this space. MicroGnome.

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We'll keep this up as long as there's something worth posting.
Feel free to post requests or discussion points via this comment page.

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Plenty more where that came from. We\'re updating at least weekly.

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Happy to do so if someone can show me how!!

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Yep. Been working on this specific area for the last three years. Should have some more news of our own shortly - very practical stuff. Micrognome

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It shouldn\'t be that difficult to convince people they need to spend more time looking down a microscope, or scanning its computer screen. But there\'s nowt strange as folk, as the saying goes. Wouldn\'t it be great to have digital images with all those clinical lab reports?