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around- you are way too pessimisitic. First of all, the left and Onama have already suffered a loss- Hillary Clinton may have been fatally damaged by this brouahaha.I also think they can kiss 2014 goodbye. I think this will continue to fester and some in the media will see it as a way to get an exclusive (Jonathan Karl) and others may be salivating to find more. There are plenty of people to throw overboard before it reaches the Oval Room. This may continue for a while.

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absolutely brilliant !!

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I stopped buying the NYT some years ago and started to buy the WSJ- what a breath of fresh air! And I won't even pay the measly fee for their so-called we edtition. NOt a penny for the NYT!

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what a joke! Israel is not ready to make concessions???? and the Arabs are.....what? ready to compromise? what drivel!

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How many times will we hear this drivel coming from well meaning people? If there cannot be peace without an undivided Jerusalem, so be it. If there cannot be peace unless you make Jerusalem judenrein, then that peace is worthless. We, as jews have not come so far, after two millenia of persecution and murder,to compromise on our own lands. Let there be no peace- the losers are the Arabs.

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Well, we all dodged a bullet when JOhn MacCain was not elecetd President.....can you imagine how he would have treated his own party if they would ever disagree with him? It is totally irrelevant whether Rand Paul's views are "dangerous"- Republicans of all ilk applauded him because he stood up to the President- rathr than playing footsie with an implacable foe. John MacCain should have retired two years ago. Now, he will just turn into the old cranky uncle that no one listens to an ultimately loccks in the attic.

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Another, even more important,reason for the Republicans not to cave in (again!) will be the reaction of the rank and file of the Republican Party across the nation. It will effectively discredit the present House Republicans in the eyes of most conservatives and moderate Republicans, to the point that bitter primaries will be fought and many will stay at home.A cave now will destroy the present Houses Republicans. They cannot cave in now.

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don't worry michael, long after american liberal jewry will have disappeared, true jewry, in theu guise of orthodoxy ,will carry the day, here and in Israel!

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I still remember that wonderful Obama speech decrying name calling and extreme insults and asking for a civil discourse, a speech by a man so beloved by the liberals that they don't give a whit about it, see comments above!

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No less a liberal icon like Rush Limbaugh says the same about our President- that his purpose is to cut the United States down to size. I imagine you don't agree with that leftist either...