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Damn you Obama, Damn you. He has no problem sending other's son's & Daughter's into harms way, but I am sure that he would not send his girls, if they were old enough. I wonder if he will go to Congress before he starts his war again?

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What the hell is wrong with the people of this administration? I can't remember any other administration acting this negative towards America's good friend, Israel. It appears that 99% of america is friends with Israel, and would be there for israel in the time of need, but our President and his administration, would much rather see Israel burn by the hands of ALL those HATEFUL muslims. America has two things we must do right now, one is to, get rid of the Obama's Admin. two, get rid of every muslim in America, and other places in this world.

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Will this ever end? Certainly I am not the only one who is tired of this BS? It's been three years and the guy has never, and will never fest up. The only way anyone will ever find out what the truth is about his citizenship is to investigate on your own in all the varies places Obama has been, and to do that you must have buku $$$$, do you have the buku $$$$?

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Simple, Iran needs to be removed from the face of this earth by whoever get's to them first, then anyone else who wanted them removed can come on in and finish them off. And, if there is anybody out there who don't feel the sameway, well I don't give a whatever comes to mind, so take your thoughts, and give it to those who will agree with whatever you think, because I didn't ask for your opinions. Have a great day.

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WOW! Gerals, you sound a little frustrated, like your mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore. Be cool, take a step back, look it all over again, and maybe I hope, you will have a different outlook, or Not. Hang in there.

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Well Joe, I would like to say something positive will happen, but unless the people stand up together and riot against the politicians in DC, absolutely nothing will happen to Obama. I will say this for you Joe, everyone of us who is standing on the side lines waiting upon you and your posse, should be showering you and your posse with all the finacial help we can help you with, and if we are not helping out finacially in this effort the shame on us who's not participating monitarlly.

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They are just boys in black clothes, should we fear boy's in black clothes? NOO WAYY!! Why is the media making this an issue? Are they scared of little boys in black clothes? I believe that Repulicans will be ready for those little boys everywhere they may show up, so don't fret America, the only ones that will get hurt is them that threatened peaceful people. It's all about Obama being removed from office, what wrong with that black panther boys?

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That is a sign of good luck in russia. When friends of theirs are taking a big test or are going to an interview for a job, they lift their middle finger, then say, shvuck youslob, that russian for good luck????

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I want to say that, I thought that we had a worse President named, Jimmy Carter (a democrate), But now I have to say, Jimmy isn't the worse President America ever had, he has been replaced by a comrad of his, (another democrate) named, President Barack Hussien Obama. Never in my life time could I have ever imagined not just one President, But two Presidents, Both democrates, that had the ability to screw up America like those two DEMOCRATES. The only difference being, (if there really is any) President Carter didn't have what it takes to be a President, And President Obama has to have been Intentually screwing up America. I say this because, I can't imagine President Obama being this stupid, so stupid that is, that he would have had to be so mentally challenged to have put America in the state it is in Right now. Never the less, I have learned through this experience, Never to trust another democrate that is running for elected Office.

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Eric Holder is a closet Gay. He hides in a closet, like he hides his relationships with the BPP, and his relationships with the Mexican Cartels, and Terrorist around the United States. He has to go,m what is so hard about getting rid og that boy. He hates white people of America & Europe. This guy is nothing but Racist, and he would turn his back on Republicans at the convention in a heart beat. He has to go, BY ALL MEANS, HE HAS TO GO NOW. America should flood his email and tell him he has to go.