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I have had the same problem when writing about Jews and Israel. It appears that the Commentariat no longer tolerates critics from those on its right who find some of its writers' posts less than convincing or coherent. At the very least I will end my subscription to Commentary, which is no longer the intellectually stimulating journal it once was. Too bad to see a once great masthead decline.

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Maybe the author should stop pretending that Israel is without a government and isn't a sovereign state and fess up to the fact that it regularly talks and negotiates with Abbas, provides him with hundreds of millions of dollars, allows him to enter and leave Israel anytime he wishes, and has dozens of elected politicians and even leading ministers that praise him and call him a moderate. So the real question is, Why is the supposed nationalist Prime Minister BB engaged in anti-Israel activity by supporting Abbas and the PA? But since the author appears to be in bed with BB she is afraid to ask the question.

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Now if Israelis (Tobin, I don't know why you continue to use the term "Palestinians" to describe the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria and other parts of Israel. Golda Meir got it right 40 years ago when she said "We (Israelis) are the Palestinians.) behaved the same way as Fakistinians did, defrauding the Europeans and stashing all those Euros in Swiss bank accounts, we all know wghat the Euro-trash would say about us: That we are "thieves and charlatans" (Voltare 'the enlightened one") or even worse. But the Fakistinains will always remain "victims" of the Jews just as the Euro-trash felt they were victims of the Jews before they killed them and pillaged their homes and synagogues.
Your argument that the Europeans accept PA dishonesty because it is preferable to Hamas is unconvincing. The Europeans regularly meet with Hamas and provide them with aide and assistance as well. They also are pressuring the new military government in Egypt to not attack Gaza. The Euro-trash will be more than happy to deal with Hamas should the PA disappear.

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Is it not also inconceivable that a "right-wing" "nationalist" prime minister, son of the great Jewish historian Tzion Netanyahu and ideological adherent of Jabotinsky apologized to Erdogan for defending Israel from the terrorists on his flotilla who illegally entered Israel's water and tried to kill her soldiers? Even more startling is that he did it because Hussein Obama demanded it.

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Perhaps Jonathan Tobin will soon be writing that Obama shares sensitive information with his best buddy Erdogan because he doesn't "realize" that Erdogan isn't a friend; hasn't "understood" Erdogan's intentions; or is being "mislead" by his advisers. When will Commentary admit that although Obama may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, he is highly cognizant of what he is doing and that he knowingly is undermining both America's strategic position and its strategic allies? Many would call that "treason" not "ignorance."

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Gordon's just denunciation of Turkey would pack more punch if she removed her shield from Netanyahu and took him to task for the humiliating apology to Erdogan coerced by Hussein Obama. After what the Turks had done to Israeli soldiers on the Mavi Marmara, it appeared inexplicable that the so-called "right-wing", "hard-line", and "nationalist" Netanyahu would apologize to the anti-Semite Erdogan. But now that we know that Erdogan devastated Israel's information gathering facilities in Iran BB's embarrassing climb-down is ever more humiliating. No wonder Iran and Israel's many other enemies no longer take it seriously. When is Israel going to dump BB and choose a leader with a spine rigid as the Torah?

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Certainly identifying and practicing French Jews are overwhelmingly Mizrachi (North African), which explains why the once majoritarian French Ashkenazi Jews are fast disappearing. For many of them religious observance meant joining the Communist and Socialist Parties and paying obeisance to their demi-god the anti-Semite Charles Marx. Many of them like Jacques Lang, Robert Badinter, Pierre Moscovici and Dominique Strauss-Kahn even defended Mitterand after revelations exposing his long relationship with Vichyistes directly involved in the Final Solution.

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And the rapidly expanding Jewish population is even more reason why our strategic and biblical heartland in Judea and Samaria should never be surrendered, above all to a genocidal gang of Jew-killers. Israelis seem to have forgotten that they won the last wars, unlike Denmark forced to surrender Schleswig-Holstein to the victorious Prussians.

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Wasn't Voltaire, the leading light of the French Enlightenment, a vicious anti-Semite who called all Jews thieves, plagiarizers and far worse? The reality is that European culture and politics are deeply infused with anti-Semitism.

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I stand corrected. Actually, the US Holocaust Museum reports that 57 Jews were among the victims.