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Thanks, Dale. The more the merrier!

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Hi Brittany!

Have your parents email to check out dates and prices, etc. Thanks!

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The Isaiah 14 passage cited in this post is where we get that idea.

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homesick is a GREAT word for this :)

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As a side note, I am aware of Dabney's errant views on slavery. It would be tempting to disown all of his theology because of that, but if we applied this consistently to everyone, we would have no one left to listen to (except Jesus, but even there, he has chosen to communicate even his words on this earth to us by means of "jars of clay", broken men).

Just thought I'd throw that in there.

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Kristen, I agree. I think I might refine the thought a little bit like so: we will never be Cinderella on this earth. Christ is our Cinderella example (perfection) that we strive to be like (and will become by God's working in us!) Because of Christ's work, God sees us with through the lens of Christ: Justified. We are "counted as righteous", our trespasses (which are still real and still continue, though as we grow, fade and change) are no longer COUNTED against us. We are not actually Cinderella, we are counted as Cinderella (which seems unfair of God!)

As you said, because of this, we shouldn't continue in our wretchedness. If we really believe this, it is logically incompatible! (Romans 6) We should seek to kill sin in our life. Repent of it. Flee from it.

I'm sure we are on the same page here, I'd just word things differently.

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So, if we have ubiquitous, instantaneous access to information, do we need to memorize it? It is dangerous, isn't it? It seems clear to me that we are exhorted by scripture to memorize (assuming that's what "hide the word in your heart" means, and also a byproduct of meditating on the word, which we are also exhorted to do).

I am fascinated by this whole area. Thanks for writing about it!

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Kevin, again with the collector's value and curio nature of the physical medium. Notes can persist in the electronic medium, and are actually MORE imminently shareable, but again, it's a different set of disciplines.

But there is nothing actually MORE SACRED about the physical Bible. (Controversial statement, I realize.) It is the contents that are absolutely sacred.

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I'm not sure there is a necessary correlation between immediate access and reduction in memorization. In fact I think the electronic media could actually ENABLE memorization if it was used with proper discipline (just like physical media). The problem is not the medium but how it is used.