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Thanks for providing proof I'm right. If you look at the photo, and as you point out, Mauer is shifting his weight to his left leg -- and leaning toward the baseline. He is in the midst of receiving the ball a good 5-6 feet inside the baseline -- which is about 1-2 feet to the left of where he set up the target.

How do you propose he would be able to set up his lower half in the baseline and in front of home plate, while simultaneously catching the ball 6 feet to his right? Again, it would take someone with a nine-foot-long arms.

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It would be really great to see Tejada in AA with Mejia, where BOTH can make mistakes, learn from them, and develop at a pace that gives them the opportunity to succeed over the long term. I like some of the raw defensive skills that Tejada is showing. His offensive skills are spotty, and need polish. It's one of the reasons I keep comparing him to AHern -- because AHern also never fully developed his offensive nor defensive skills because of being at levels he shouldn't have been at (and injuries).

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How was Mauer supposed to block the plate in one place and receive the ball in another? His left arm would've had to be nine feet long.

Keith's an idiot.

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Cut that Kool-Aid with some warm water. Tejada is on a hot streak and hitting .260. He's can't "hit at least .290" at the MLB level -- not yet anyway. And his defense is not superb. He is showing good skills, but also making mistakes. He's about average.

That doesn't mean we can't enjoy watching him right now, but at the same time be realistic. Or be prepared for a serious letdown two months from now when he's hitting .220.

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I was a little surprised that Keith Hernandez suggested that "if Castillo is there they get the two". It seemed like Tejada got rid of the ball as quickly as possible, but simply didn't get enough velocity on it. I do believe that Castillo is one of the best in MLB at turing DPs, but I'm not sure even he could've pulled that one off.

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TeufelFan - sounds like you lost a card game to Wally or have some other personal issue with him, because your comments are illogical. Backman has won a championship with every team he's managed -- if winning doesn't show that he deserves to be managing somewhere, what does?

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'dude, you completely twisted John's argument. Who said Niese was "injury prone"? The point is that Manuel put Niese into a situation that NO pitcher -- injury prone or not -- should have been put into. And Vargas has absolutely nothing to do with whether you send a pitcher back to the mound after an hour and a half of cooling down.

And as for Niese being untouchable, I'm pretty darn sure that John was being facetious, teasing the Mets fans who think Niese is the next Sandy Koufax.

How the heck you went from the argument of Manuel being an irresponsible rockhead to the Cliff Lee debate is amazing, though -- gotta give you props for that one! :-)

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Tejada has no business being in MLB right now, the Mets rushed him to convince fans like you that they have legitimate "prospects" in their system. There are dozens of players in the minors with skills equal to or better than Tejada. He's nothing special.

I"m not sure how you figure Tejada can "do" all those things after watching him play in a dozen MLB games. Dan Murphy looked like Wade Boggs after 100 ABs, so what?

How about we wait 3-4 years and then compare the two players?

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I'll be watching with bated breath. The Mets farm system sucks, plain and simple. There's no way they go Top 10 when hardly anyone is left from the 2007-2008 drafts and half of their top 10 prospects from 2010 are already either hurt or have been demoted for awful performance.

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Mike, first tell me where are the "big time" prospects you refer to? Mejia, Niese, etc., are not "big time". F-Mart might've been, and might get there again, if he can ever stay healthy.

Second, I was not part of the "we all thought it was a good deal because the Mets gave up nothing for Putz". If you took the time to read my original post analyzing the trade (there was a link to it in the Vargas article), you would not be charging me with using hindsight. In fact I mentioned both the fact that trading Vargas would come back to haunt the Mets AND that Putz was a risk because of his elbow issues. When you get a chance please read it:

But the main point you seem to be missing is that the reason the Mets don't have depth in their farm system is not because they keep trading it away, but because they have done a horrible job of drafting, signing, and developing talent.