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GV slowed down the ring for someone calling your main cell number? That's what I read your statement as, just making sure I read it correctly.

If it didn't have an effect on your main cell number then why uninstall GV? It's a free service and you can still use it for free texting and outgoing calls. I mean, come on, it's a free service man.

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Yep yep, i've noticed that on some calls, and not on others. Seems like if someone is calling me from a land line it goes through normally, but if it's cell to cell using my GV number it takes a while. I've missed a few calls like that. They need to get that sorted out. GV is wonderful for outgoing calls though and I love that it uses my data rather than eating up my cell minutes.

My main issue with GV right now though is the fact that the SMS/Text messages are set up on a pull basis from the phone and not a push from the service. Even if I set my phone to check for new messages every 5 minutes that still means there's up to a 5 minute delay between text messages. that slows down having a text conversation, not to mention that having it poll the server every 5 minutes chews through battery time.

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hey Andrew, love your articles. Was wondering if you heard anything about folks having serious issues with WIFI on the droid. I've been through Verizon tech support and am now starting to work with Motorola support. Already replaced the phone once and now am having the same issue on the replacement phone. There's a good thread rolling on the link I list below. My own troubleshooting issues are posted on page 24 of that thread. Look for the Yoda. There are several other folks who are trying to nail down the problem as well.

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man, you are the pim-dilldly-imp! it's

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man, I am still begging for an invite to Google Voice. Anyone got a free invite that can hook me up? hit me up with a reply if you have one to share. I REALLY want to check this product out. You would think having a new droid would have opted me into the beta...

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well i gotta ask, what's the item in your to-do list that you didn't want us to see? LOL

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i can read them just fine. make sure you double-click on the images once they're loaded in the browser so you know your browser isn't shrinking them down. They're easily readable even on my monitor with resolution cranked high.

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also, anyone know what the deal is with a lack of "free" sms? You can now send and receive free sms messages via the google talk interface (at last in Gmail you can if you have google talk turned on). This is available for the computer interface but not the mobile interface? I'd love to use my data package to send/recieve SMS messages through the data portion of my carrier package (and thus not be charged for it). There are a few apps out on the market that claim to this this but they either don't work on the droid or require both the sender and receiver to have the same app installed (holla, for instance).

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haven't experienced this on my droid phone as of yet, but I had an odd issue with volume being stuck VERY low that forced me to reboot the phone the 2nd day i had it and crazy sluggishness that forced another reboot last night. The inability to fully turn off the integrated messenger is also a problem. I was trying to run a 3rd party sms app from the marketplace and both apps kept fighting over who was going to handle the message. I ended up getting tired of 2 beeps for every sms so I uninstalled the 3rd party app. (Handscent was the app). Not sure if that's an issue with the app or the OS. I tend to think it's OS since it was the inability to change/uninstall the packaged app that was the root problem.

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love it... just love it. :) I'm a happy Verizon customer and an X ATT customer. ATT BLOWS both for coverage and customer service... I've even managed to contact the upper management of verizon to get unfair policies changed. Actually talked to the assistant to the CEO. Verizon is responsive to it's customers and their coverage with 3g (for smartphones) is awesome. I speak as a new droid owner so I know first hand. ATT needs to sit down and shut up.