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Hey Tkhk,

I'm a Beck fan, listen often...but the reality is, we bold ideas right now, not sort of nibbling around the edges. Granted, the progressives have an almost 100 year start on us, but there's nothing we can do about that. We've got to deal with where we are now and where we are now is a HUGE centralized federal government. As an aside, I have posited ideas (suggestions) on this website under the blog title "Is retaking the GOP the real goal of the Tea Party Movement?" In this post, I suggest 10 Really Tough Decisions (RTD's) that we need to make to restore liberty. I'm not anti Beck in the slightest, believe me. But Lincoln was not the best pick for a backdrop and we're up against a debt clock that keeps ticking away. I'm not sure we've got a 100 years left let alone 100 months.

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Hey Josh,

I couldn't agree with you more. Trying to do anything other than force the massive extra-constitutional centralized government into a decentralized entity via the States Rights movement is futile. I likewise agree with Beck's backdrop imagery BAD choice! Lincoln! C'mon, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in if it weren't for him.

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From James Madison – Letters and Writings Vol. 1 to Edmund Pendelton

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Great quote from Madison;

"Having not yet succeeded in hitting on an opportunity, I send you a part of it in a newspaper, which broaches a new Constitutional doctrine of vast consequence, and demanding the serious attention of the public. I consider it myself as subverting the fundamental and characteristic principle of the Government; as contrary to the true and fair, as well as the received construction, and as bidding defiance to the sense in which the Constitution is known to have been proposed, advocated, and adopted. If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions. It is to be remarked that the phrase out of which this doctrine is elaborated is copied from the old Articles of Confederation, where it was always understood as nothing more than a general caption to the specified powers, and it is a fact that it was preferred in the new instrument for that very reason, as less liable than any other to misconstruction.
Remaining always most affectionately yours"
January 21, 1792

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Hello Jeff,

I understand the frustration, believe me I do. I think perhaps we have to look at this as a process or set of phases:

Phase 1 - STRONG 10th Amendment legislation introduced and passed in early 2010 to see exactly how committed to tyrannical behavior the federal government is and likewise, how committed to liberty the states are. This will be the first defining moment.

Phase 2 - Depending on the outcome of phase two, find and field candidates that will publicly articulate a restrictive Article 1. Section 8. position (state and federal level) and then it's up to us to support and finance them.

Phase 3 - If Clay is right in his response above and it really will boil down to a popularity contest, well then, we're back to 1776 and a new set of Founders will have to emerge.

Sadly, all of these phases are draconian and will cause pain. But as you'll hear me repeat over and over, we're in a "pick you pain" moment in history...there's simply no easy way out of this.

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Hey Monorpise,

Indeed, whatever the means, reaching the goal is what's important. These Really Tough decisions are just that, REALLY HARD. Yet, as we all know, it's what has to be done and I will only support some candidate that will in some manner support these goals. My only fear is that there aren't any with the intestional fortitutde to say what really must be said.