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You are very welcome. I feel that we all have someting to learn from each other, regardless of how much experience we may have behind us. I have found that learning to be comfortable as a " beginner" gives one the oppportunity to always be in a learning mode. Reiki is my passion and I am always seeking new vehicles to share my knowledge and receive from others.

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Yes, I agree that one should not do Reiki directly on the broken bone. My experience as an energy diagnostic, however shows a different reason for why this is true. Watching others, It consistently appears to me that when Reiki is preformed on a broken bone before the cast has been set, it actually slows the healing process as protection to keep the bone from beaking more. I have not , however seen the bone begin to heal in the broken position. I certainly do not see everything so this is not to say that both are not true.

Thus, as a precaution, it is wise to leave the bone alone. Bottom line, giving a general Reiki session without doing Reiki on the broken bone is extremely beneficial. Reiki will support in releasing the trauma from the body that is connected to the injury. Reiki is good anywhere, anytime and in any situation. How wonderful!

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Excellent interview with great content! Your integrity and love for Reiki comes through in every word. Thanks for sharing.

There is no one "correct" or "right " way to perform or teach Reiki. I love that Reiki is so flexible! My long term experience is that although Reiki is initially flexible , we must also find the structure within it. Additionally for the complete full circle effect, we must again find the flexibility within that structure.

I am blessed to be the Director of the CAET Reik Volunteer Program at University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. This gives me the opportunity to often work with physicians,terminally ill patients and those with injuries. In this case, clinical Reiki is performed.

I utilize both intuitive and clinical Reiki In my private practice. Under the clinical Reiki roof, I "do" work with people under anaesthesia. To date, I have not experienced any setbacks or problems. It has consistently added to the value of their surgery. This clearly falls in the Fexibility-Stucture-Flexibility catagory. I would love to hear about your experiences concening this.

Thanks again for a wonderful, interesting post.