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Pres Obama should not tolerate this insubordination from Gen McChrystal
He is, after all, Bush and Petraeus' selection and now is lobbying our allies
while the President is still weighing his options! Pres Obama should choose
his own general, hopefully one with a plan to get out, not to escalate to the
tune of 500,000 troops over several years as has been reported is Gen McChrystal's
Time to step back from the abyss of Afghanistan, Russia's Vietnam, and soon to be
our VietNam II if McChrystal's and Petraeus' advice is followed.

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Then there is Bill Delahunt of MA 10 who "voted" absent in May then Yes on this vote Tues despite
a huge contingent of antiwar people in his district. His office says he was "supporting his President".
He should be on the list, too. He publicly promised to vote against further funding of the wars (meeting in Provincetown, MA).

Indeed the Democrats now own these wars.