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While I think the post from Kenneth Cole was insensitive and in poor taste, I also think the outcry against it has reached an unreasonable point. I've even seen people suggesting that KC discontinue the whole product line as part of an apology. Really?

As far as I can tell, a clueless employee made a terrible, tasteless joke on Twitter and soon afterward the company apologized. I think the apology could go a bit further and be more sincere but I also think that there are some people on social media who are never satisfied, who enjoy getting into a frenzy online, and who love to attack big companies online because it has gotten easier.

In my opinion, KC should craft a longer, more sincere apology, find a way to send aid to those in Egypt, and then move on.

Was it wrong and inappropriate? Yes. Do we need to keep getting worked up over this mistake? I don't think so.

As a side note, the silver lining is that it's probably raising awareness about what's happening in Egypt.

Great post, Kyle!

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That's true... there are many businesses that cannot operate as a ROWE due to the need for set hours and expectations of availability. It's the corporate world that needs to start embracing ROWE :)

Be careful driving home!

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Ha! Great question. It was not ghost-blogged... I wrote it with my own fingers :)

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Aha! I should have clicked through :)

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This is a great idea, Doug! I'm going to get a skin designed for my laptop :)

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Excellent advice. I would like to add one thing: optimize your profile with keywords. LinkedIn profiles rank very well on Google and it is a good idea to include the right keywords in your profile in order to be found on relevant searches. Be sure these are long-tail keywords that give you a chance of being found in less-competitive niches.

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Thanks for the comments! You make some really good points here. I may be projecting, but hey... it's my blog :)

I have yet to see an Android phone in real life so perhaps my opinion of "other phones" will improve once I see it in action. Thanks for adding value to the conversation!

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I agree that email has shifted a bit but I'm sometimes reminded that I am part of that "early adopter" group at the beginning of the curve. For this reason, I am sometimes surprised when I am reminded through interactions with others that many people are still just "getting the hang of" email. I look at email as semi-formal business communication medium, while Facebook is for my personal messaging. I don't have a personal email account, just a business account. Email for me is also my central inbox of information... not just for communication. My newsletters come in via email, my alerts, my business messages, etc. and I use Inbox Zero to process everything.

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It appears you are in the land of the living, Ruth :)

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Thanks for the shout, Doug! Tungle has been a great tool for me and I'm glad you like it, too. I look forward to our meeting :)