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Oh, and I guess we should get rid of foreign embassies by your logic. Go back to grade school learn how to think logically and how to write without sounding like a pretentious cave man.

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I think it'll be up to par with your mental abilities.

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I guess I'm not dramatically speculative enough to fit in here. I guess we could be using Al Qaeda as a cover to occupy a chaotic and lawless nation with no desirable natural resources so we can capitalize on their prime geographic closeness to more chaotic civil war and lack of desirable resources. And with the Iraq and Afghan wars, recession, stimulus bill, and push for health care reform it's a totally affordable venture with the promise of lucrative resources like civil war and dirt. Oh and no one will ever suspect because the branch of the military we sent in has never been used to occupy a country as it has never been trained nor is it equipped to do such a thing. And no one will figure out our machinations since we live in a post-enlightenment world that is governed by reason, and the only way anyone could catch on to what we're doing would entail using well-calculated irrationality. I just hope that no one figures out that we've been secretly occupying Kosovo since we pretended to just bomb it. But oh no! someone discovered the dictionary!!! Our secret code can be broken! Since we "attacked" certain targets that happened to be in Kosovo with an army, that means we "invaded" the country for our own unforeseeable gain! Man, I feel so stupid for not anticipating someone having the ability to look up definitions of commonly understood words online. And then you copied and pasted?! Damn you're good. Wait a tic... maybe I can devalue your substantive remarks with an equally rationally substantial (lazy) maneuver!
Pseudointellectual: –noun
1. a person exhibiting intellectual pretensions that have no basis in sound scholarship.
2. a person who pretends an interest in intellectual matters for reasons of status.
3. of, pertaining to, or characterized by fraudulent intellectuality; unscholarly.

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This whole article is almost humorously negligent of objectivity. US attacks Somalia? Invasion? The US carried out planned attacks on Al Qaeda operatives and leaders. To try to frame this story as an attack on the Somalian people and as an invasion is not just shady reporting, it's illogical. Seriously. The US wants to occupy Somalia? Not even under a Machiavellian guise does that begin to make sense. There is no rationale for occupying Somalia. They have no desirable resources. This one article completely destroys this website's credibility in that it draws loose to forced connections in order to cater to a vague anti-war sentimentality (all the while consisting of logical fallacies and unfounded leading questions). I'd like to see an anti-war website that conducts its business ethically. Really. I'd say that war is almost always unethical and is rarely necessary. It shouldn't be hard to cover something so unethical as it happens in current events in an ethical way.