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Sally, your argument is sound that the majority should rule and is exactly why voters should not pass the Livable Boulder initiative like the Neighborhood Right to Vote.

Would all Boulder voters who arguably have equal access to Folsom and all public rights of way want a "special class" of riparian voters (those along Folsom only or in the "neighborhood") to be able to control whether Folsom has a bike lane or not?

With the NRTV initiative, that is exactly what would happen. Ask Pomerance and he'll lie to you, just the way he did at the debate about protecting affordable housing from Development Pays it Own Way.

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You must drive around (and even return home) with such contempt for the built environment and how it came to be.

You need another hobby.

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Yes, I for one am grateful that Trump is giving us a view into what's on his mind and not concealing his idiocy.

Two requirements for the job -- no matter your politics -- are discretion and judgment. Trump's comments demonstrate neither.


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Unless the role of the government in this case is to protect people's rights to equal opportunity for housing.

If you are interested in inequality in the community, you might be in favor of this referendum.

Like, good news for people who like bad news.

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I wonder how many people signed this due to the canvasser simply saying "let's give the neighborhoods more voice!"

I wonder how many people would have signed this if they understood the real motives of the people behind this? It's not about growth, it's about homogenizing Boulder, marginalizing minorities, and making Boulder exclusive and ritzy.

By the way, Aspen just passed one of these. That's all you really need to know.

But, if you want to know more, know that this will probably be found to be unconstitutional under the recent Supreme Court ruling. Boulder's zoning already creates a "disparate impact" against those protected by the Fair Housing Act. Put this "BOULDER HOA REFERENDUM" on top of that and, guess what?

We've been tricked into a land use review process that systemically discriminates and segregates this city. If you signed this petition, you should feel modest shame. Now that you've been warned of what it really does, you can choose accordingly at voting time.

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The leading cause of traumatic brain injuries are auto accidents. 294,000 per year.

I don't think you should be singling out cyclists' safety behavior for whatever point it is you're trying to make.

Here is the CDC data.

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Sounds like we need more housing here then. Your logic, not mine.

And, btw, we do have BRT coming to Boulder Junction connecting to Union Station.

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That is really funny and true. Wake up, kids.

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This is the joke (JokePott) of the Livable Boulder claim -- it's all expense and no benefit.

You should be so lucky that people want to live here, patronize businesses, add to the local culture, earn a degree, better their lives.

No acknowledgement that the next person who moves here may just be your next customer, great neighbor, life partner, friend, etc...that's worth a little water, traffic, and god forbid have to look at them.

You all sound ridiculous and I don't buy the cost argument for a second.

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There are many places with more than 100,000 people that have excellent quality of life. Why are you so focused on that number?

Would my "quality of life" improve with 80,000 people? Tell me about that?

My life is enriched by those around me, whether I see them on the trail or the Safeway parking lot. Maybe that is not the case for the Livable Boulder folks.