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That is not a historic fact, you probably have no idea when the Byzantine empire attacked the Muslim land. The west not only cried about the Muslim grabbing their lands they actually went ahead and conquered most of the Muslim land, and created the state of Israel as a parting gift.

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And now FBI has found out that Farook and his friend were planning attacks way before Tashfeen was in the picture. This debunks all the anti-Immigrant rhetoric. If we worry about the likes of Tashfeen and Farook why shouldn't we worry about the likes of Andres Breivik and Timothy McVeigh? Did they kill any fewer people? Now, if we (but who would be this we remaining) kick every single person out then we will have a crime-free empty country. There really is no solution and attempt to prevent all possible crimes will lead us nowhere. The Soviets have demonstrated that no matter what kind of police state we turn into we will never reach the utopia of becoming crime-free.

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... And Christians (The Byzantine Empire) attacked Muslims even before that. But I don't think the current affairs can be considered a backlash of all what happened hundreds of years ago.

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Donald Trump does not worry me as much as the fact that he has such a large following. While ordinary Muslims will suffer I am sure ISIS will be proud of him. If Trump succeeds in dividing the world into Muslim land and non-Muslim land he would accomplish one of the major objective of the likes of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

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Any scheme designed to catch criminals before they commit an actual crime, or at the least in the process of committing a crime, is fraught with danger. If you make a database of potential criminals based on racial, ethnic, or any other profile (some say first born are more prone to committing a violent crime) then vast majority of folks in that data base will be innocent people who have no desire to commit any crime. Just to keep track of the data base will be a major drag on our resources. It will also be a drag on well being of innocent people if they get reported on the basis of such 'suspicious activities' as mowing lawn, inviting too many people of wrong race, receiving packages, throwing out garbage etc.

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Why blame saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait or Turkey. Groups under their control will never dare to attack any European country or North America. Let us just blame those who want to have a perpetual war for perpetual profit. Was Bush really naive that he didn't know the consequences of destroying Iraq? Prior to the invasion Iraq was a country where Muslims and Christians, Shias and Sunnis all lived in peace.

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Secularists too can justify just about anything. Human mind is quite capable of justifying its action. So to blame it on one religion or another is not right.

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... They also believe that the US and Israel were the most supportive of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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"..A war conducted for no good reason and with little thought to the predictable and adverse unintended strategic consequences fulfilled Odom’s prediction of a resurgent, yet uneasy, Iran."

What makes you so sure it was unintended? It was so predictable it can't be unintended.

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There is a big difference between a Zionist and a Jew, ask any non-Zionist Jew.