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9 years ago @ Sage Consultants - Installing MAS90 3.x w... · 0 replies · +1 points

Nothing that I've seen recently. Are you trying to setup a workstation? If so usually I've had to install from the source CD and us the workstation setup on that CD instead of from the network.


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11 years ago @ Google Android Blog - Google releases manual... · 0 replies · +1 points

No go on Nexus S

11 years ago @ Sage Consultants - Dude, Where's My MAS90... · 0 replies · +2 points

If I had another 20 hours in the day I'd say a wiki type project to create a MAS90 manual would be very cool.

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11 years ago @ Sage Consultants - Sage Connecting The Do... · 0 replies · +1 points

Louis wouldn't it have been odd for Sage to pull in competitors to their trade show that was targeted at their customers?

Or do you mean that there were not enough third parties that were exhibiting which offered solutions tied into Sage?

11 years ago @ Connecticut News, Weat... - Hearing in home invasi... · 0 replies · +2 points

The death penalty isn't too cruel. It's actually kind. What's cruel is the punishment that will await them inside the prison away from attorneys and judges. Inmates who've brutally murdered little children have a permanent target on their back.

12 years ago @ Sage Consultants - MAS90 and MAS200 Produ... · 0 replies · +1 points

This you should be able to download the full document.

12 years ago @ Just Another iPhone Blog - Gmail web app for iPho... · 1 reply · +1 points

Thanks - I'm back to this method after Googlesync (which looked promising at first) has literally fallen off the face of the Earth in terms of reliability.

12 years ago @ Just Another iPhone Blog - Tweetie 2 Pricing Cont... · 5 replies · +1 points

Nearly everyone misses the point of these "upgrades" re-packaged as new. I'll wait until the next 40 app developers jump on this bandwagon and release "new upgrades" for a fee then I bet the tone changes. The only reason it is sympathetic now is that this is really the first app to pull this stunt.

And what about the non-technical people who read about Tweetie and go to download Tweetie 1 not understanding that it's essentially dead and that they should have bought Tweetie 2.

Not drinking this Kool Aid -- and I think Apple will very quickly come out with a policy to stop these shenanigans. They won't allow the App store to be clutter with a bunch of abandoned early versions of essentially the same application.

12 years ago @ Just Another iPhone Blog - Tweetie 2: ‘New ... · 4 replies · +4 points

In my opinion this is more than a $2.99 issue.

What if suddenly ALL of your apps were being released as xxxxx 2.0 and considered a brand new program with a new fee?

I think Patrick's raising an excellent point and it's more than a "hey Mr Big Spender cough up a measly $3". What happens when iPhone growth isn't what it is today (this WILL happen). Suddenly will all your apps become abandonware and you're expected to buy the next version?

Logically what's going to have to occur is either people are ok with upgrades that aren't free -- or there has to be some type of subscription mechanism.

13 years ago @ Just Another iPhone Blog - Palm Pre Goes On Sale,... · 0 replies · +1 points

Palm controlled the media very well by distributing review devices to those sites they could count on for a muted message (neither too negative or too over the top).

It's possible that Palm will wait on their marketing until new Apple devices are released and their specs are final. This eliminates the risk that Palm pushes Pre as the smartphone that multi-tasks and then Apple comes out with a way for theirs to do so as well.

I agree - this was an odd launch and I have not seen a single post in any forum (which I've been checking today) trading information about which stores have them in stock or when they will be in....which is usually not a good sign for built up demand.