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I've reposted your piece here:

By the way...for those who are thinking "I'd do this, but I don't know where to find people who need a place to stay...and don't want to simply pick-up some guy off the street," I have an option for you.

In Minnesota, there is a group called the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign that is working with victims of foreclosure and eviction (among other things). Part of their organization, the "Underground Railroad Project" is trying to find short term houses of hospitality for folks who have become recently homeless. They are looking for homes that can offer space for at least one night a month. If you'd like to help out, send an email to with the following info:

* What kind of space can you offer (bedroom, couch, floor)?
* Can you help with transportation?
* Your contact info
* Do you have a gender preference of who stays in your home?
* Is your home child friendly?
* Can you offer food?
* Are you willing to offer space for more than one night a month?

To me, this is a no-brainer. It is a great first step...

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Great man. Could I republish this on Jesus Manifesto (I promise to link it back here)?

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Great story. Thanks for that.

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Excellent! One of my favorite stories of nonviolence is that of Te Whiti...I first learned of him in Mark Kurlansky's book: Nonviolence, the History of a Dangerous Idea. Definitely worth a look.

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Yes, I'm saying that it is a desire of mine. Not to change the system, but to foster a social alternative. I don't believe that the Church just involves organizing and various gifts and often challenging the powers. When does doing that become a movement? When did Jesus' ministry become a movement? How much do we resist movement-building?