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Gonzales is a day late and a dollar short on voicing any opinions. Especially when related to U.S. law. People like him think all will be forgotten over time and they can just go about their business-as-usual. I believe they may actually realize the consequences of their actions now. Even though they knew all along they were breaking the law; even if they truly believe they were doing so in pursuit of a higher cause. I once again thank for making sure we don't forget the wrongs of the past and pursue a world without war. Even if that seems like a dream in this modern era.

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Powerful and poignant stuff here to remind us all where the country is headed. I submit the conclusion that the only way to avoid this is for the states to stand un-united and tell the Federal government to dissolve itself quietly. If we don't kill the monster we the people will become its next victims. They will run out of money to do their mischief overseas and will start attacking the nearest group it can call an enemy to their existence, which is us. The only way to kill the monster that is the US Federal government is to dissolve it. It will never change its ways now; too much money and power. If we take away the need for this type of all powerful government ruling the people, by going to un-united states again the tyrant will die. Long live the people who live on this land, and may they live long and free.

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I'm pleased to see no white-washed obituaries for this man. I thought for sure the press would try and pass him off with the glories of war like a Memorial Day parade. Also, I forgot about the USS Liberty and him compliance with LBJ in that whole pack of lies. His repentance is worthless to history, those he helped kill, and the lives that are ruined.

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What is an "existential threat"? And why does this entitle Israel to kill innocent Iranians? Other than that being the Israeli governments M.O.; killing innocent people for political gain and ethnic advancement. So much for HOPE and CHANGE in America. Bombs away Biden, what a disgrace your administration has become already.

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Your last paragraph seems one-sided. Of course we want peace and stability in our hemisphere, but we all know the U.S. has done nothing in the long term to ensure this. This is the blowback of fifty years of U.S. meddling in the Americas. Hugo Chavez might practice crack-pot economics but really what do you expect. It's a start to rid his country of American influence and redistribute the complete inequities of wealth there. Much of Latin America is moving in the same direction. Political instability is coming from the people being sick of Military style rule crushing economic advancement of the said people. We all know America is responsible for this; it is their coming of age and time to leave them be. Most of Latin America was a developmental democracy before we went in and changed that to favor U.S. business interest at the cost of liberty.
And as far as the border of Mexico goes, why not just legalize drugs here in the states. That should get rid of half the problem instantly. The other half is just people coming here to work as gardeners. Not much of a threat really. Where is your libertarianism; why is this article relevant? Chavez and Morales were elected by their people. Fidel is just a specter that the U.S. needs, much like Bin Laden. If not for the Republican Cubans in Miami making sure the embargo stays in place the people of Cuban most likely would have gotten rid of Castro thirty years ago for us. I'm not saying Cuba is ideal, but at least they have real health care and have something like a 99% literacy rate there. The life expectancy is higher than the U.S. if I am not mistaken. We have too many problems with our own government to be criticizing others; especially when they are a by-product of our meddling in their countries for decades.

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Well I hope they are as upstanding as the U.S. military and don't torture this soldier. But I guess they can just turn to the U.S. Army Field Manual chapter on this subject if they are confused with what is and what is not torture. Certainly they can legally waterboard this person and not feel guilty. Stress positions, sleep depravation, insects, beatings, forced feeding, slamming his head against a wall, I believe all of these are o.k. by U.S. standards because he is an enemy combatant.
Funny, I bet the Taliban will probably treat this person with more respect than any Afgan "suspect" in U.S. custody. Or will they rendition this person to a far away land; does the CIA work as a consultancy in these cases for a fee? I wish him well regardless of his complicity in helping to spread democracy to Afghanistan.

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I have a gut feeling someone is getting paid to make "gut feeling" comments about Iran. Either put the proof on the table or don't speak your opinion.

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My previous comment was meant to be moronic to highlight how moronic the Israel law of loyalty oaths would be. It was meant to be satirical, so get off your "I'm special" cloud because I don't see you solving any of the conflict's problems here. I just read your whiny-bitchy little posts.

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I think all Palestinians should convert to Judaism and get full rights as Israeli's. Then over the years they can work their way into the government and change the laws to reflect an actual democracy decreeing equal rights for all. Final step, convert back to Islam, or what ever religion they so desire after they make religion a non-issue within the government's framework. Something to the effect of equal rights for all protected by a constitution. Although, that seems to be a thing of the past here in the U.S.